Infographic: Budget airlines vs full-service airlines

Posted at Jan 25 2015 09:36 AM | Updated as of Jan 26 2015 05:50 PM

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MANILA, Philippines - Traveling is a fact of life; everyone has to get from one point to another. Business or pleasure, everyone travels, and there’s normally no faster way to cross miles than getting on a plane.

But have you ever wondered why ticket prices vary between airlines? Have you ever had to deal with the hassle of having too little room to move in your seat?

Many people have also expressed displeasure at losing valuable time over flight delays and cancellations, especially if you’re not in one of the best airport lounges in the world. Add to that the quality of service when flying with a particular airline.

One of the things the traveler needs to understand is that there is a palpable difference between flying on a Low-Cost Carrier – or a budget airline – and a Full-Service Carrier. Often, it will become a matter of preference for the person who needs to fly out to a destination.

Air travel is a thing, most people who do business in all corners of the world fly back and forth frequently between their business' main office and wherever it may take them. As such, the cost of traveling can be high or low depending on the carrier. You've also got the jet-setting crowd that goes on vacations to exotic destinations, purely for pleasure.

Here’s a helpful little infographic on the differences between flying on a budget airline and a full-service airline: