Business Mentor: Defining your purpose for a better life

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jan 23 2021 10:11 AM

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Growing up, I never knew that I would end up what I am today. Although I did start young in selling different things, it was something that I wanted to do not for selfish reasons, but because I wanted to help my parents in my own small way. I sold things so that my parents did not need to worry about giving me my daily school allowance. I didn’t consider selling candies and comics as work. It was fun knowing that I was earning and at the same time alleviating my parents’ worries.

Living in a very loving household, we all helped one another in every way we can. Studying in a Catholic school molded me and enlightened me with the enormous love of God. Although life was never perfect for us, still, I never thought of losing my grip on God because I understand that all things happen for a reason.

As I grew older, I found a lot of gratifying things to do. I have worked in several companies, worked as an OFW. Although I appreciated these opportunities and I could say that it has helped me put food on the table, I felt that there was something lacking. I needed to do something that would give me the joy that I dreamed of - something gratifying for myself and at the same time for others.

Dissatisfied, I needed something more to do. I contemplated which path should I take, carefully considering its pros and cons. It was quite an ordeal looking for that one perfect opportunity, the fulfillment of my purpose. I kept on asking myself, “Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?”. I am sure that you have also asked yourself the same question. Have you found your purpose?

Then one day, I just decided to finally quit my job and run my own business. It was a huge step to take. A bit scary, but I was all out in making a huge turn around for my family. The step I took indeed was a life-changing experience and I would say, that it was just the perfect time to do what I really was happy doing --- mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, enriching other people’s lives.

The past 27 years were a roller coaster ride. I have come across bumps on the road as I struggled to maintain the business. Meeting different people was a joy. It was something that I was always happy about. Aside from them seeking my help on how to manage their business properly, I was also ecstatic seeing the results of my perseverance because now, those people I helped have become well-known local brands. I could not get any prouder.

Your life's purpose has three components: who you are, how you envision yourself, and how you see yourself making something for the world and its value. When you are able to identify each of these components, I would say that you have successfully reached your very purpose in life.

Questions to ask yourself to help you realize your purpose in life
You can’t just stare blankly on air and just let things happen for you. You need to scrutinize yourself and find out what is your purpose and what will make you truly happy.
1.    Who am I?
2.    What makes my heart sing?
3.    How do you see yourself in a crowd?
4.    What can you do to make a difference?
5.    What are your values and principles that can act as your guide in life?

With these questions, I was slowly able to see what I really needed to do in my life. You should not focus just on yourself. You should also consider your family and how they will fit into your “future self”. These questions have led me to become who I am today. It was never an instant “new me and new life”. Gradually, I felt a deep sense of fulfillment.

So, when someone asks me today how to find life’s purpose, this is how I would respond: Life is full of opportunities and we need to identify which ones are the best for us. We should have the courage, awareness, and creative expression to be able to serve others with compassion.

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