Entrepreneurship: New Bold U's third edition aims to tackle 'new normal' learning


Posted at Jan 20 2021 06:28 AM

Entrepreneurship: New Bold U's third edition aims to tackle 'new normal' learning 1

To surface ideas that may have emerged and taken root in the middle of the pandemic, and to provide an optimistic drive for the future, the New Bold University will have its third edition January 28-30, 2021.

Also known as New Bold U, the event features some of the country’s top minds who will help spark curiosity, growth and imagination.

Speakers like Francis Kong, Anthony Pangilinan, and Steve Sy will share some insights about life lessons that people can use to face the challenges of the new year and the pandemic.

New Bold U covers courses in general and advanced e-commerce, entrepreneurship and start-up, freelancing and passions, finance and personal development, and mindfulness and meditation.

This year, the event will go virtual and students will be immersed with innovative, dynamic, and fun ways of distance learning.

"'New normal' learning means purging or unlearning of previous ideas that are no longer relevant, giving way to a more human-centered, entertainment way of learning," said entrepreneur and New Bold U founder Ralph Layco.

One of the goals of New Bold U is to instill in students the value of independent learning. Students will be bent on learning about their true passion and following what piques their curiosity.

"As they learn and execute their ideas faster, the more they are feeling self-fulfilled compared to generations before them," Layco said.

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