Business Mentor: How to effectively influence others

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jan 18 2020 08:02 AM

Being in business means having to sell yourself, literally. A business cannot survive if its owner does not step up and make his name shine.

He needs to influence others. They need to see your credibility, confidence, knowledge, passion, trustworthiness in daily interactions. That’s what makes people either drift towards you or just flee.

If people consistently have a positive experience with you, they are likely to take your recommendations and act on what you tell them.
You need self-confidence so that people will listen to what you say, especially if you are promoting a certain product or service.

If people feel that you lack confidence in a product or service, they are not likely to buy what you are promoting or endorsing.
You must be persuasive and authentic. It also helps when you know how to properly speak to others.

If the other person does not feel your sincerity or authenticity, it will be hard to get your message across.

You can change how people respond to you by being confident, by knowing the product or service you provide, and by carrying yourself in a way that makes you believable.

You need to look credible, choose the right words, the right message, and also give the right non-verbal cues.

It is very important that you know how to make eye contact. Exuding the right body language makes the other person think of who you really are, and not just acting out. The same goes for choosing the right words to say and using the right tone to demonstrate compassion.

You may wear a watch worth thousands of pesos or even the most expensive handbag, but what matters more is how you deal with people, how you treat them, how you reply to your email messages, etc.

<BOLD>Mastering the Art of Speaking

Being in business means dealing with a lot of people. An entrepreneur thus needs ample communication skills to become effective and influence others.

As an entrepreneur, you are expected to continue to learn new skills and improve what you already know. The best asset that an entrepreneur can have is persuasiveness.

You need to become an effective speaker that is not only heard, but understood as well to win the hearts of stakeholders, employees and customers.

Here are a few tips to help to improve your public speaking skills, which will enhance your influence.

1. Analyze yourself. This means being conscious of your own character. We cannot be self-righteous. We may see ourselves differently compared to how others see us. We need someone we trust who can point out to us our shortcomings. Only then will we become more aware of ourselves and make improvements.

2. Present yourself coherently. We can’t be effective influencers if we stand before a crowd with an odd posture while giving a motivational speech. People will not listen to your advice either if you don’t practice it yourself. Practice what you preach--it’s as simple as that.

3. Show your true character. No makeup can hide your true self. Show the real you and don’t put on a mask. Have a positive attitude, of course.

4. Go for impact. We need to use words that can connect emotionally with the listeners, something that can drive them to action.

The ability to influence others may be an innate skill for some. But for those who were not born with these skills, we need to learn them and hone them to become good communicators and reach become powerful influencers.

Only then can we inspire people to take action on what we have to say.
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