Business Mentor: My Franchise, My Work

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jan 05 2020 05:09 PM

Butz and Lyndah Bartolome, husband and wife team of GMB teach entrepreneurs how to franchise their business.

Many entrepreneurs want to offer their business for franchising. 
There are many business concepts that can be franchised. 

Expanding the business will greatly boost the brand. Franchising a business is also one of the best ways to grow a business.

Expansion through franchising benefits business owners and gives opportunities to people to become entrepreneurs using a business system with a “big brother” who will assist in operations. Multiple franchised branches will likewise create employment. 

But opening your business to franchising is not easy. Business owners may know how to manage their own businesses but are at a loss when it comes to franchising.

Focused franchising development costs can be high and small businesses often cannot afford these costs despite their huge potential for franchising. 

Many business owners are also not confident about going the franchising route since it is new territory for them. 

There are also many misconceptions about using franchising as a route to expansion.


This program has been developed from over 26 years of experience where I saw companies grow through franchising.

We developed a way for business owners to work on their own franchise system.

We group business owners together and do an intensive 6-day session with them on franchising their business. 

At the sessions, we walk through with the business owners on exactly how franchising works to grow their business. As the seminar title connotes, the franchise system of the companies is developed by the business owners themselves with our very close guidance.

Business owners developing their own franchise system puts them in a position to better implement the system. It also shows the commitment to the success of the franchisees is in the heart of the owners.

Putting the business owners together gives them the needed push to do this work together as a group. The sessions make them realize that the challenges they have are not isolated and are shared by all business owners.

Being together through 6 session days fosters camaraderie and teamwork.

Last year we conducted the GMB Franchise Growth Days at the DTI Regional Office in Iloilo City and had 12 participants representing 7 companies.

We had an interesting group of entrepreneurs who were willing to share their business plans. Each entrepreneur in the program inspired each other.

Business owners, take the first step to transform your growth dreams. Call me.


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