Business Mentor: Rewiring your mind for a fresh start in 2022

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jan 01 2022 10:34 AM

People watch the fireworks display at the San Juan City hall grounds on December 3, 2021. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News
People watch the fireworks display at the San Juan City hall grounds on December 3, 2021. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

It has indeed been a very challenging year for all of us. Dealing with COVID 19 for two years tested our faith and mental health. Now that we are entering a new year, what are your thoughts about 2022? Do you feel hopeful, or do you still have uncertainties about taking a leap in making changes to your life? 

I understand how most of us still fear making huge decisions. Maintaining a business during the pandemic is hard. But we have also seen a lot of startups flourish during the pandemic. 

Difficult situations happen every day and sometimes we may feel that success is almost unreachable. When fear and uncertainty creep in, we get lost. 

We can read or watch thousands of resources that can help boost our confidence in finding that "push" to go on. However, no matter how much we read or watch, they may not give you all the answers you need.

These questions may help you better understand your drive to succeed. 

1. What is your objective of reaching the top? Are you in it for fame and to prove to people that you are competent? If this is how you define success, then you are far from truly being successful.

2. Why do you want to become wealthy? Will you be using it to invest in another business, or would you live extravagantly? Those whose eyes are focused only on the company's financial aspect are likely to have short-lived success. You need to learn how to nurture your business to remain relevant in the market, gain customers, and eventually increase your revenues.

3. If you were not recognized for your achievements, what would you do? You may have pushed yourself hard but still, someone does better than you. Where should you focus your attention, or would you look for someone that you can help? There are little things that go unnoticed by others. Instead of sulking or being sorry for yourself, make your time more productive by doing more good deeds for others, for the community.

4. What makes you afraid of failing? It's not like you will be engulfed by darkness if you do not become successful. Does it fuel you to work harder?

5. Who are you projecting yourself to? Are you trying to prove that you can become better, or are you more in tune with what others perceive you? Projecting an image just so some people from your past will see you differently may not be a good reason for working hard in achieving success.

6. Do you feel the need for validation or to be more loved? Again, if you are too conscious of what others think about you, you might lose why you even started what you have created.

7. If you’re not worried about success, what would you do with your life? What do you think would matter in your life if being successful did not consume much of your time?

We feel pressured to reach certain milestones in life, which can make us feel frustrated. Hence, we must know how to define success. Success should not be quantified by the amount of money you put into your bank account each month. Success is not just being famous and notable in the community. 

Success is being able to do what you love doing without having to live a day thinking that it just works. It means being happy at the end of the day after doing something that you are good at and making other people happy and fulfilled as well.

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