OPINION: A dark lord’s power

Inday Espina-Varona -- scaRRedcat

Posted at Dec 30 2018 01:35 PM | Updated as of Dec 30 2018 02:55 PM

It wasn’t the first time President Rodrigo Duterte had spoken of rape in a manner tantamount to endorsing the crime. Nor was it the first time he had regaled an audience with his tale of molesting a maid.

There is a long list of obscene Duterte statements. Some highlights:

Thugs who raped a missionary deserved to die, not because they assaulted a missionary but because they did not offer first dibs to the mayor of Davao;

· If a place has many rape cases, it is because it has been gifted by many beautiful women; 

· Soldiers who do his bidding can have the privilege of rape as reward;

· After killing, men need a woman as finale to orgasmic mayhem.

It has never been enough for Duterte to spread his seed among women enthralled by the almost absolute power he wielded for decades as lord mayor of Davao.

His message is clear: If you cannot woo and charm them, rape them. 

Secondary to that is, only weak women get raped. For that reason, he sneered at his daughter Sarah’s confession of being a survivor of sexual assault.

“She’s a drama queen,” he scoffed. 

His latest narrative on rape ups the level of perversion.

He is the main actor. He does it twice. He gets off on the thrill of foisting himself like a feudal lord on their housemaid.

The worst part of his sick tale: Implying that if you do rape right, a woman will end up enjoying it.

The audience laughed.

Duterte inadvertently dismantled his previous claims that beasts like drug addicts are behind rape.

He is the best proof that rape has little to do with lust and everything to do with power over a person.

The Davao police this year reported that majority of rape survivors in Duterte’s hometown were children. More than half of the perpetrators were related to them.

The man who fulminates against the abuse done to him by a priest rages against the memory of his powerlessness. Rightly so; it was a grave crime by a person with temporal and spiritual authority. 

But for Duterte, it is wrong only when done by someone else.

When he does it, it is his right as someone bigger, stronger or more powerful than the target.

In Duterte’s mind, crime depends on the doer. It is as feudal lords and their minions have thought through the ages.

So, you have a police officer, recently charged with the rape of a crime suspect, indignant and self-righteous: why pick on me when this has been standard operation procedure all along?

Crime is relative to Duterte.

Duterte has endorsed murder or premeditated killing many, many times. He has offered rewards for it and bowled out state agents when they didn’t do enough to sate his bloodlust.

He orders the bombing of indigenous schools and communities suspected of supporting dissidents. He convulses in rage when communist rebels ambush soldiers sweeping through their bases.

A tyrant is a person who believes everyone should bow to the law, including his fantastical interpretations of justice, but rebels in the thought and commission of crimes — and lays these at the altar of love for country.

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