OPINION: Looking a gift horse

Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Dec 28 2016 05:06 AM

AS a Christmas gift to the sore losers of the last election, Duterte has repeatedly offered to resign—if the country adopts a constitutional change from unitary to federal government. 

There it is—a gift.

But both sides scorn it.

The sore losers because so sweeping a change will sweep away the presidency in everything, perhaps even in name. A chancellor, as in Germany, will take its place.

The presidency will go, the vice presidency of necessity with it. And even if Bongbong wins his protest, constitutional change will do away with his office too.

But the other side, the vast majority, find intolerable the prospect of losing a drug-buster and the prospect of a returning drug-coddling administration. So the gift of resignation is rejected by both sides.

But let us look in the mouth this gift horse of resignation as the price of federation. In the back teeth we will find implied, the greater gift of stopping the return by succession of a drug-coddling administration, should Duterte predecease the end of his term or the abbreviation of his tenure by coup d’etat—as they hope and conspire who nocturnally park their cars in the now empty lot of the old Samar house behind high walls and a closed gate.

But implication seems not enough to allay fears of a drug trade rehabilitation under a returning administration. Hey, this is like rap.

Okay then, the next time Duterte offers to resign if federalism is adopted, he must add parliamentary government under a real chancellor and maybe a nominal president for ceremonial purposes at best. That repeals any hope of any succession.

We will have a complete break—with the past as we deplore it, and a complete break with the present as the losers of the last election detest it.

Everyone will be gone, swept away, and a fresh start will be started.

So what do all of us have to lose? Only a form of government that left the once leading country of Asia after the war, far behind the rest of it today.

However, if you tack on the waiver of congressional approval and judicial review of martial law, forget any kind of Charter change. Everyone will oppose it except those who hope to be able once again, as in the Marcos time, to steal with impunity again.

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