OPINION: A problem from hell

Teddy Locsin Jr.

Posted at Dec 26 2016 05:58 PM

THE New York Times outlined the widespread Russian hacking into the American elections.

The hacking focused on the Democratic Party campaign in order to defeat Hillary Clinton. (The Times and other media now call her a weak candidate. But the entire American media then hailed her as the next American chief. Such is life when you look like a sure winner and after you lose.)

The CIA has confirmed that all of that took place. It started in July 2015. A hacking group linked to the Russian Federal Security Service (successor to the KGB) entered the Democratic National Committee servers undetected for a year. The group was code named Cozy Bear, The Dukes or just A.P.T. 29 for advanced persistent threat.

In March 2016, Russian military intelligence, the GRU, sent in Fancy Bear or A.P.T. 28 to also hack the DNC. Its bigger role was to release the DNC’s hacked emails to the American media which lapped it up, the New York Times ruefully reports—as if the rue makes it all good in the end. Freedom of the press pala is freedom to regret the media’s wilful mistakes.

GUCIFER 2.0, acting for the GRU, also published and leaked DNC material. DC LEAKS, a front for the Russian hackers, joined in.

At this point WIKILEAKS released 50,000 emails from the DNC’s computer servers. Then the American media joined in the fun. The New York Times includes itself, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, dozens of other newspapers, TV and radio stations and bloggers as having vastly increased the effect of the leaks—with GUCIFER 2.0 and DC LEAKS taking requests from reporters and releasing documents to them directly.

Two months before the elections, Obama warned Putin to keep away. But it was only when everyone but the fat lady of the electoral college had sung that Obama ordered intelligence agencies to come up with a comprehensive report on what the Russians did in detail in order to assess the final impact on the outcome of the vote.

The Russians said they were as surprised as anyone at the outcome. Trump was so far behind Hillary. The Russians couldn’t increase his popularity but they could diminish hers—though not in the popular vote but only in key states’ electoral votes. This shows that Russians, who are chess masters, are indeed smarter than Americans in figuring out how to win elections and much else. Russian hack disrupted the Clinton campaign, destroyed a dozen congressional state candidacies, and hollowed out Hillary’s campaign with 60,000 hacked emails from John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager.

Going back to the beginning, emails forced the resignation of the DNC chairwoman, and widened the rift between the two strong contenders in the Democratic Primary, Sanders and Hillary, making it hard for voters to switch from the loser in the primary to the Democratic nominee in the election. Russia earlier hacked the Ukrainian elections.

What does this tell us?

One is that we are more vulnerable because, while the Americans scorn automated elections, thanks to people like myself three congresses ago, we totally embraced it. And despite repeated anomalous results, we are still hugging it tightly to our breasts.

We can be royally hacked. And you know what else can be royally done to us—it happens in honeymoons with or without benefit of clergy. There are unproved allegations that Smartmatic results can be changed from afar, with signals intercepted, changed and passed on as well as passed off as the authentic results.

But the scuttlebutt is that the popular technic is not high tech. It is indisputable that the machines, shorn of security features, can be fed ballots (even the same ones repeatedly or filled out by others) and counted as real votes. Voters are paid to stay home while their ballots are filled out and cast for them.

But with the sophisticated penetration of the American election perhaps it is not so hard to just change the results without having to hi-jack ballots.

And two, it is not impossible that one day we shall have a Manchurian candidate and the automated system will be hacked to ensure his election—so he can turn portions of our sovereignty over to the enemy.

And our people handed over to drug cartels under the protection of the Manchurian candidate in order to addict our entire population to become a foreign country’s willing tools.

The British parliament did that to the Chinese people.

The issue over the contested elections for Vice President is not about Bongbong and

Leni but the fate of democratic government, national sovereignty, and the Filipino race.

Both Samantha Powers and Daniel Goldhagen’s researches—one titled, A Problem from Hell, and the other Worse than War, is that it is easy exterminate or completely enslave 100 million people, working them to death to be replaced by an alien nation.

Oh…and we should go back to the way the CIA used to do business back in the day: writing its intelligence reports on index cards for brevity and easy burning, the agents just keeping the info in mind.

But at that time the CIA recruited from the top of the classes at Yale, Harvard, UCLA and other great universities; now, I am told by the Old Guys that they come mostly from Annapolis and West Point.

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