L'affaire Binay: Death by a thousand cuts or coup de grace? 1

L'affaire Binay: Death by a thousand cuts or coup de grace?

by Buddy Gomez

Posted at Nov 19 2014 08:45 PM | Updated as of Nov 20 2014 10:23 AM

Was the President meddling?

Insufficient and ambiguous information (please read--Presidential behavior and/or pronouncements--whether intentional and calculated or simply an innocent lapsus) often leads to equivocation, invariably expressed by way of so-called in-depth analyses and conspiracy theories. Or speculations and guessing games. The Philippines has an oversupply of political analysts and/or conspiracy theorists. They sprout like mushrooms after a torrent of controversy hits media and gains momentum in public attention over all media and the blogsphere.

L'affaire Binay: Death by a thousand cuts or coup de grace? 2

But such is freedom of speech in a rambunctious democracy, which we have. Actually, it is really a lot of fun. And so today, let us play “Volvariella” (scientific name for kabuteng Pinoy) sprouting like a mushroom and hope to titillate some minds.

Was the President meddling with the Senate Blue Ribbon sub- Committee’s work when he expressed a desire to see the legislative process come to an end soon? Was it interference or unwarranted kibitzing with a co-equal branch of government when he described the process as a pattern of “dribs and drabs?”

The perception created in many quarters is that the President is being soft on Binay, protective even. Many respected pundits have commented harshly that PNoy is mollycoddling Binay because the former mayor of Makati is, in fact, PNoy’s ally. Reason enough for not giving him the boot, and very many are livid over PNoy’s perceived timidity.

We do not share this point of view. We sense there is reason behind the President’s pussyfooting.

Perhaps, the President is simply being humane and kind, feeling that “dribs and drabs” is really torture. Death by a thousand cuts (or slicing)--an ancient method practiced by the Celestials--is already rendered unnecessary because the President knows that Binay’s days as his VP are numbered. Thus, ending the legislative inquiry will make the days of waiting shorter, ending Binay’s agony. Humane and kind on the part of PNoy.

Here is how my mind is cogitating. It is not unlikely, with the passing weeks since the Binay assignment has been passed out, that the investigative agencies of the Executive Department, as well as of the Office of the Ombudsman, already have in their possession an accumulation of sure-fire pieces of evidence leading to a spate of probable causes that will indict the Vice President. And that knowledge, of course, is available to the President. Thus knowing, there is that hidden desire in his kind heart to spare further agony and instead, just go for the kill! Mercy killing, as it were. A coup de grace (coo de grahs, NOT coo de grah, with the ‘s’ unvocalized, as we were erroneously taught in school) is called for to end the agony. That is, end the inquiry and file the cases. Of course the President has every right not to let on that he is in possession of incontrovertible advance information of sufficient weight as to send his Vice President to jail.

Notwithstanding overconfidence and obstinacy, such as what Binay has been displaying, he is not stupid. With much experience in bending the law, he proves to be truly scheming. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano is correct to assess that the only escape hatch available to Binay is to run for President and vainly hope to win and overcome the criminal cases filed against him. This obviously will all depend upon the sequence of events and the timing--meaning the filing of cases, indictments, arrests, bail hearings, jail time while judicial process moves on.

The contention would be: how soon all these can be made to happen, on the part of the government, as against all the legal technicalities that can be conjured by Binay to delay the process until the 2016 elections. Binay and his coterie of sycophants realize this only too well and have anchored their hopes upon the masa, the D’s and the E’s of the voting population, to be able to pull off the scheme, clinging to the strategy of delay and staving off the possibility of ouster prior to the 2016 elections.

President Aquino is only too aware of this playbook, hence, he is most probably simply antsy about seeing Binay behind bars just as soon as possible, but absent the criminal cases filed in court, the President will not want to be seen as depriving Binay of his ability to reach out to his vaunted masa, assisted in no small measure by the perquisites of office. The President would rather that this becomes an occurrence by way of unassailable judicial process.

But, on the other hand, the D’s and the E’s of the electorate are no longer impervious to moral values and the value of truth as they may have been in the past prior to the advent of social media and the awakened activism of a truly enraged A, B and C, spurred to reach out to their less endowed brethren and elevate their appreciation of the importance of their political responsibilities.

A pipe dream? When else do the aggrieved populace take a leap of faith for idealism’s sake?

This is the inevitable reality that the Binay presidential aspiration must face. For the Binays, the prospects are very unpleasant and truly grim. But righteous vigilance must be unflinching until the country is safe from the prospects of more pillage.

It is my conspiracy theory that whether it is death by a thousand cuts or coup de grace, the President wants “family friend” Binay to be out of the Presidential ballgame. For the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), there will, therefore, be no Binay for President endeavor.

Having said that, we will miss the pleasure of seeing Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay hightailing it again, backing out again and yelling “Ayoko na!” (No more…I’m out!) again in yet another debate.

How delightful it would have been, a debate with candidate for President Miriam Defensor Santiago. Imagine the Miriam pick-up lines that could be inspired by Binay, again, with his tail between his legs! Binay, again, unmasked.

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