OPINION: A court with 9 deplorables

Buddy Gomez

Posted at Nov 18 2016 04:20 AM

I am a majority of one and this is my ‘ponencia.’ At the end of this scolding lecture, a quiz  follows, exclusively for supreme morons, if they were  ever able to unabashedly own up to this colossal perfidy.

TO ALL WHO SHALL SEE THESE PRESENTS, GREETINGS. KNOW YE that the “deplorable nine” of the now infamous, odoriferous Marcos/Libingan Ng Mga Bayani burial decision who belong to the Philippine Supreme Court, as defined by the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, are guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the unprecedented desecration and mockery of the very foundation, of the very instrument  they swore to protect and defend.  Where is decency, ladies and gentlemen? Where is conscience?

Would any decent Filipino ever believe that this “deplorable nine” are unaware and innocently unknowing that they committed a crime against the very reason of being and existence of the Supreme Court? Have they forgotten that successfully and gloriously deposing a despicable dictator is the foundation of our revived Republic, mandated to start anew, with the 1987 Constitution?

How could this “deplorable nine” hold superior a mere defense department issuance, mind you, NOT A LAW legislated by the peoples’ representatives, willfully twisting its meaning and essence to obliterate the Constitution, one won through democratic struggle and overwhelmingly approved by people celebrating the demise of a cruel and rapacious regime? This is what the “deplorable nine” have done. Is obliterating a people’s poignant victorious history not deplorable?  That is why we call them the “deplorable nine.”

This “deplorable nine” have allowed a hero’s burial to a world-renowned “murderous kleptocrat.” They sought to  honor a scoundrel, none ever so evil in the history of the Philippines. What happened? The “deplorable nine” have allowed the erection of the grandest, most pompous funeral monument that will dominate that otherwise scenic hallowed terrain in Taguig, belittling the niches of other former Presidents

I am in search of answers. Folks, please help me. Let us help our selves. We must fight and not allow the “deplorable nine” to ruin the only homeland we have.


Now, how can our military, proud and crisp in uniform as well as in tradition be so supinely accepting of this supreme slap in the face? No military man in the annals of our military organizations’ history will ever be able to top Marcos’s military skulduggeries.  

For instance, he was never wounded, yes--not a scratch, during World War II. An Ilocano doctor-soldier provided that testimony. 

He never received a Purple Heart, either.  

He was never promoted beyond the rank of 1st Lieutenant. 

There is no credible document that proves he was a Major, save for his own letter claiming that rank. 

Marcos’ claim to fame--the Medal of Valor--was awarded to him long after the war, based on spurious affidavits.
And the gall of it all, orated before the US Congress that a young American soldier died in his arms. 

These are all documented in the following columns below. 

In addition, let us not be remiss by omitting the fact that  the young Ferdinand E. Marcos was  convicted for the premeditated murder of Julio Nalundasan, the victorious Congressional  opponent of his father.

Apart from the foregoing, the materials to be covered by our quiz, as announced, are found in earlier ‘lectures’ covered by the following titles. Please read and understand.

That dessicated carcass cosmetically mummified with paraffin may not even the real remains of the deposed dictator. So, who really does the “deplorable nine”  wish to bury as a “hero?”  

We have to remember that Ferdinand E. Marcos was supposed to have died 27 years ago. The medical records of Saint Francis Hospital in Honolulu indicate that there was no patient by the name of Ferdinand E. Marcos. The name of the person who died in St. Francis on September 29, 1989 was Antonio Bundoc.

There are many questions that the “deplorable nine” thought only too cute not  to ask. But I am ready, this majority of one.

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