Resentment towards those resentment calls

Rick Olivares

Posted at Oct 22 2015 12:24 PM | Updated as of Oct 22 2015 08:24 PM

I really have this resentment towards these referees who officiate the games in the UAAP and the NCAA.

That beef is the “resentment towards a call” or “resentment towards a non-call” that they slap on many a coach and player. And the sad thing is the referees continue to be the biggest game changers. They are already suffering from a terminal lack of consistency and here they go affecting outcomes with their trigger happy calls.

FIBA rules, they say?

I probably watch more FIBA games than these refs and I do not see these international refs call as many resentment to calls technical fouls.

They should restrain themselves because there isn’t anyone person who doesn’t react to calls. Some reactions are valid; some aren’t. We aren’t in any way advocating poor behavior towards the referees. Not at all. Any belligerent, offensive reactions should be dealt with harshly.

But they should restrain themselves especially during close matches where calls can affect the outcome of a game. Case in point, last Wednesday’s Adamson-NU match where a foul was called on a defensive player on a three-point attempt. Garcia reacted to the foul and was hit with a technical. That was a game changer right there as NU hit five free throws to take the lead with less that 20 seconds left in the game.

It is not that I do not want NU to win. I am not siding with anyone. You don’t want a call like that to spoil what was a very good basketball game with one run and counter-run by both squads. A call like that totally changed the complexion of the game.

I remember years ago playing in a game where we had several actually referees playing alongside and against us. The funny/unfunny part is they were complaining about the calls. One of them — who was playing — tried to correct the call and even cussed the game ref for his stupidity.

What I really want to see and know is if they actually watch tape of their boneheaded calls. I know some of them get suspended.

Yes, I know it is a thankless job and it is a most difficult task. Mistakes will be made and on the other hand, they also make great calls.

If you go to the premise of this blog, it is about those “resentment to a call and non-calls” that I am complaining about.

FIBA rules, they say?

Yes, but it is also the UAAP and the NCAA’s call to have adopt certain rules without violating the spirit of what FIBA prescribes. That much is allowed.

The games — the NCAA is in its championship stage, while the UAAP is in the early stages of the second round — have higher stakes now with teams jockeying for playoff position. Why wait 'til next season to make changes? If not guide the game officials and ask them to observe a form of maximum tolerance (now there’s a pre-EDSA days term if there was ever one).

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