OPINION: Wow, Agot Isidro!

Ellen T. Tordesillas

Posted at Oct 09 2016 11:54 PM

I have always liked Agot Isidro – her lovely face, her intelligent acting, and the dignified manner she conducts herself in show business.

Her Facebook post last Friday – the 100th day of the Duterte presidency – made me admire her more.

This post by Agot has gone viral, liked by 24,000 and shared by 7,836:

“Unang-una, walang umaaway sa iyo. As a matter of fact, ikaw ang nang-aaway.

“Pangalawa, yung bansa Kung saan ka inuluklok ng 16 million out of 100+ million people ay Third World. Kung makapagsalita ka parang superpower and pilipinas eh. At excuse me, ayaw namin magutom. Mag-isa ka na Lang. wag kang mandamay. Hindi na nga nakakain ang nakararami, gugutumin mo pa lalo.

“Pangatlo, may kilala along psychiatrist. Patingin ka. Hindi ka bipolar. You are a psychopath.“

Agot didn’t mention any name but everybody knew who she was referring to.

Last week, President Duterte stepped up his tirade against the United States and President Barack Obama, the European Union and the United Nations for their public statements of concern over the unabated killings related to his campaign to eradicate illegal drugs.
From “Putang Ina”, “Fuck You”, “Go to Hell”, “Go to Purgatory”, Duterte announced that he is thinking of invalidating the PH-US Enhanced Defense Cooperation or EDCA because it was not former President Benigno Aquino III who signed it.

Somebody please tell him that Presidents need not sign executive agreements as long as the signatory is authorized by him and he ratifies the accord.

Duterte  also said that he can do away with assistance from the United States and European Union. Anyway, he is strengthening relations with China and Russia. He is going on a state visit to China on Oct. 18 to 21.

But just two months ago, he was praising the generosity of the Americans, albeit with nasty side remarks, when he told soldiers that through the visiting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the United States was giving the Philippines $32 million.

He said Kerry is okay but not U.S. Ambassador Phillip Goldberg, who, he said, he was ”bwisit” because of the envoy’s comment critical of his foul remark that he should have been first to rape the Australian missionary who was abused and killed by prisoners in Davao in 1989.

He said: "So, that Kerry, nu'ng pumunta siya dito, nagkain kami. Iniwanan pa kami ni  Delfin (Defense Secretary Lorenzana) ng $33 million. Okay ito ah. Bastusin natin ulit para mag-areglo itong buang na it. Pera pala ito. Pera-pera lang."
When these comments came out, the U.S. Embassy in Manila clarified that “The U.S. funding of $32 million in question is not new funding, but rather cumulative funding previously appropriated that we are currently implementing.” In other words, it’s not because of Duterte that they were giving the $32 million.

The Embassy also stressed that “Assistance provided by these funds is subject to the same rigorous vetting as our other security assistance. All of our security assistance promotes human rights through training content and by promoting professionalism, due process, and the rule of law.” Meaning, given the Duterte government’s blatant disregard of human rights, it’s doubtful that the money would be released.

Agot hit the nail on the head with her third comment: “May kilala along psychiatrist. Patingin ka. Hindi ka bipolar. You are a psychopath.“

A subsequent post by Agot was a link to a Sept. 29, 2012 issue of Psychology Today with an article, “Who Are You Calling a Psychopath?” by Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

The article said, “… an essential component of psychopathy is the quality they call fearless dominance, a tendency toward boldness that includes such traits as a desire to dominate social situations, charm, willingness to take physical risks, and an immunity to feelings of anxiety.”

The particular issue of Psychology Today had for its cover article, “The Narcissist.”

It’s worth recalling that one of the pieces of evidence submitted to the court in the annulment case filed by Duterte’s former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, was a psychological assessment report prepared by Dr. Natividad Dayan, former president of the International Council of Psychologists, published by ABS-CBN last April during the campaign.

Dayan said Duterte “was suffering from ‘Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder,’ with aggressive features with his gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness, his grandiose sense of self-entitlement, his manipulative behaviors, his lies and his deceits as well as his pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings."

Dayan concluded: “From all indications, Rodrigo’s personality disturbance, which constitutes his psychological incapacity, is deemed serious, incurable and with antecedents.”

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