OPINION: Is Mocha on her way to Congress?

Buddy Gomez -- Cyberbuddy

Posted at Oct 06 2018 10:58 PM

Esther Margaux J. Uson, ertswhile Malacanang’s Communications assistant secretary, wildly known as Mocha, that’s who! She is s all packed up. But certainly, not towards the sunset!

Unleashed, Mocha’s perverse audacity might just pull a surprise. By her public demeanor upon announcing that she is resigning her Palace sinecure, she will be seeking heat and readying to face political thunderbolts. Has she not declared “Abangan ninyo….Bakbakan na ito….Bakbakan na talaga ito!” (Just you wait. This is going to be a fight, combat, or  war. A real  rumble!) “I will campaign against  traditional politicians…I will be fiercer because I will no longer have to think of stepping on someone else’s toes.” She will return to the blog-o-sphere, to where her successful makeover from her beginnings as a sexy stage performer and sex therapy demonstrator-guru, catapulted her as a social media celebrity prior to the 2016 presidential elections. Her Malacanang posting was even unabashedly admitted by the President as a reward for her crowd-drawing contributions to his electoral  victory.

Mocha is reputed to have a 5-million-strong audience. While this number could be easily challenged, shorn of robot-respondents and non-human automatons, still the residue might be truly considerable. She is in possession of a political asset.This is by no means an endorsement of Mocha. Rather, a realistic assessment of our current political reality where we face pig-headed loyalties that animate the misled and the misguided who, as a political bloc, continue to seemingly shore up President Duterte’s claims to popularity.  

Mind you well, there will always be a considerable degree of such residual inflexible intractability within the Philippine body politic. Its ebbing and waning, an end so preciously desired, will define the remaining breach the country must have to bridge towards political maturity. We will always have to live with a modicum of social  insanity. Whether for comic relief or not, that may be the trajectory of Mocha’s grinding and gyrating!

Having said that, let us go for some brass tacks. There is no congressional district anywhere in the country that can accommodate Mocha as a candidate. Those seats are reserved for the local traditional contenders. Mocha is not known to be a “local” to any electoral community, district or province. She does not belong to any known political family clan.

A national run for the Senate? The flood of Mocha’s incriminatingly lewd photographs and videos that have been circulating and perhaps more that have not yet even enjoyed malicious patronage will be the most effective derogatory campaign material against  her. Such black propaganda is a simple display of the stark and unimpeachable truth. Indelible! Exuberance of youth and a hankering for publicity and attention as justification, notwithstanding. Those photographs and videos cannot be finessed.

On the other hand, Mocha is not exactly an airhead. I like to think that she can still manage to land her feet and toes on terra firma. I will credit her with enough sense knowing what political suicide looks like! A national run is sensibly out of the question.

Ah! But then there is the party-list representation. A pornographic past, long an open book, is easier handled, discounted or even glamorized within a securely selected limited electorate characterized by blind loyalty, of which there is an ample supply.

Let us face it. Mocha can very easily parlay her social media celebrity status and her very personal loyalty to the President among the Duterte zealotry, supposedly but most prominently among the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The OFWs are not the only source of Mocha’s potentially captured votes. Historically, the average number of votes required by a party-list group contending for representation in the Lower House is just under 400,000 votes. I say, realistically, Mocha can magnetize at least 500,000 among her fans. 

Like Mocha or not, we cannot reasonably count her out.  

Which brings to mind  the story of a hard-core porn queen who was elected to the Italian Parliament in the late 1980s. I recall that she was voted in by her constituency because apparently she stood for a socially relevant advocacy, which in turn was accepted as her redeeming value to the constituency she sought to serve and represent. For the curious, I recommend googling the name “Cicciolina.” She must have been pleasingly plumpish because her stage name in Italian  means “little chubby.” 

I have absolutely no idea what advocacy Mocha might wish to pursue if indeed she wishes to elevate her current gumption and “bakbakan” spirit  to the halls of Congress. But I do think that she and her handlers had better study how Cicciolina pulled it off. There could be useful insights they can borrow from a, shall we say, “sister in the trade.”

On the other hand, if Mocha in her further maturation, foregoes politics and decides to elevate her “trade,” post-Duterte, of course, into something more of a lasting egacy with some financial returns, she might well be advised to seek out Xaviera Hollander. (Folks, again I recommend a few finger strokes leading to Google). To the vanishing literati,  now Septua or Octogenarians, Xavier  Hollander is a Dutch call girl, madam and author. She gained celebrity renown for her best-selling memoir in the mid-1970s. “The Happy Hooker” and the “The Happy Hooker’s Guide to Sex.”

There was something enduring, however, in the commonality between Cicciolina and Xaviera. Both displayed and lived a healthy respect for the truth. That is a lesson that must be learned and never be forgotten by Mocha!

A sex worker, dancer, entrepreneur, therapist achieving prominence in politics or in society is not alien to our world. History, ancient and contemporary, and even the Bible has a roster of bordello prominences. Whores, courtesans and madams. They are remembered in mixed nostalgia, some even with redeeming social deeds and effective nets of influence. Life might never be fair all the time. True, but there is always redemption!

Might a party-list Congresswoman Esther Margaux J. Uson be such a one?

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