OPINION: Science proves God sends a miracle from across the universe

Robert Labayen

Posted at Sep 09 2019 12:41 PM

Scientists’ account of how life began shows how God can make anything possible.

Four and a quarter billion years ago, Earth was just a barren rock. No plants, no animals, no human life. Then from so far away in the Universe, a heavenly body out of orbit came crashing into the earth. From this explosive collision, a chunk was thrown into space and became our moon. The impact of the smash-up pushed Earth to the sweet spot where life would be possible--the perfect distance from the sun! If our planet was slightly closer, all water would evaporate. If the earth was slightly farther, all water would freeze. If the distance was only 2% different from today, life on Earth would be impossible!

The earth is not even supposed to be where it is now. All planets in our solar system are placed on an exponential pattern, every planet twice farther from the sun than the previous one. Except for Earth! Someone flexed the rules!

The collision also resulted in the perfect size for our home planet. If Earth was just slightly bigger, its gravity will be too strong and it would not allow deadly gasses like methane and ammonia to evaporate into space. If the earth was just a bit smaller, its gravity would not be able to keep the life-giving gasses in our atmosphere. If our planet’s size was just slightly different, any form of life would not exist on earth!

The rotational axis and speed of our planet were also perfected. Such an axis makes four seasons without which we will have extreme temperatures that will kill all life. And if the earth rotated faster than it does now, we will have extremely strong winds, like the 1000 mph gales in Jupiter. That’s five times as strong as Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) every single day.

The size of our moon is perfect, too. If it was bigger and had more gravitational pull, coastal towns would drown. If it was smaller and had weaker pull, there will be no tides sufficient to cleanse the seawater and to replenish its nutrients.

These facts convince scientists that God played favorites and fine-tuned these conditions in order to make life happen. That’s because the chance of that wayward rock randomly colliding with Earth was statistically impossible! They describe it to be like “two bullets fired from guns from either side of the Grand Canyon meeting so perfectly head to head.” God willed it to happen…and it happened against all odds!

He also protected Earth by hiding it behind Jupiter. It is this gigantic planet that shields us from passing comets and asteroids.

All current scientific knowledge considered, scientists estimate that even if there would be 10 billion billion planets in the universe, it is still impossible for one to become like Earth if there was no divine intervention.

When we think that what we are asking for in prayer is not easy, we can think that our God has done so much more impossible things. If he can send a rock from the other side of the universe to hit Earth, He can send any unexpected opportunity to come into our lives. Maybe it’s the investor we’ve been praying for. Maybe it’s a friend who will solve our problem. Maybe it’s a talent agent looking for the next big star. Maybe it’s a long-lost relative who will leave us a huge fortune. Maybe it’s a long-lost parent or sibling.

When we think that God doesn’t even know who we are, we can think that He knows every atom in the universe. Scientists have said that if there was one atom in excess, the whole design would be upset! “Even the hairs on your head are all numbered.” (Matthew 10:30, Luke 12:7)

I don’t have statistical proof that God answers every prayer. But my human mind is too limited to comprehend God. I am not qualified to say that He does not perform miracles.


Mysteries of the Universe and Planet Earth by Herman R. Habegger

The Science of God: The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom by Gerald L. Schroeder

Miracles: What They Are, Why they Happen and How They Can Change Your Life by Eric Metaxas

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