OPINION: Observations on contemporary abnormality

Buddy Gomez

Posted at Sep 02 2016 02:47 AM

If you accused someone of a crime, bragged about it, announcing for all the world to behold you ranting while you claim to have the goods on the accused (meaning possession of incontrovertibly damning evidence), and you yell: “You are finished!”--would you not want to see the judicial process go through as soon as possible, unimpeded and proceeding with the presentation of evidence in an appropriate court of justice? Especially, because you are a lawyer.

Would you not want to see your accusations successfully achieve a guilty verdict? For a powerful plaintiff-lawyer-former Prosecutor-President, such a one as Duterte, success should only come in the form of proof beyond reasonable doubt! And jail time for his prey
--Senator Leila de Lima!

The normal course would be to file the case in court. Right? So, why does not Duterte and his badly-wigged Secretary of Justice already file the case or cases against his ‘bete noire’ in court? (‘bete noire’ is French for pet peeve, bugbear or someone specially disliked, literally “black beast.”) 

Because of all the apparently orchestrated delay and stretching out for media’s attention over his accusations against Sen. De Lima, might you say these are not normal times? Might one not also reasonably add that abnormal times contrived by an abnormal mind does not really seem to have prison time for the accused as his objective? 

Trial by media noise has never sent anyone to prison, you know. Maybe, our celebrated accuser is not familiar with, much less depends upon, judicial process! Truly now, about Duterte, who really knows anymore!

Are we in fact witnessing a display of strong arm scare tactics and intimidation games being played by a gangland mastermind accustomed to having his way simply by brawn? Extrajudicial solutions seem to be a habit difficult to exorcise. Who really knows anymore!

In a recent interview, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales on the occasion of her Magsaysay Award conferment, had this to say about death threats she has received in the pursuit of high profile graft and corruption cases: “…the ones who are intimidated…are trying to scare me…” 

Might we then be permitted to borrow the thought and apply it to a President who may in reality be intimidated by the steadfast feistiness, the unflinching fighting spirit of a younger, smarter woman lawyer? Is that why all the forces available to Malacanang are being brought to bear and scare Sen. Leila de Lima?

When President Rodrigo R. Duterte publicly cries out his desire for Sen. Leila de Lima to simply “resign” or even “hang yourself,” (and mind you, without provocation!) is he in fact wishing for Senator de Lima to just vanish from the public scene. So that there would not be any need for any case to be filed in court? And spare him the embarrassment? 

Is that not a dead give away of the distinct possibility that the President and his lackeys are still manufacturing and planting evidence? 

All these serial theatrics against Senator de Lima are not only boring but indicative of hollowness of the much ballyhooed accusations PDuts has been hurling at Leila.

On the other hand, Senator de Lima has pleaded with the President that he spare her from further pillory. I would like to confidently connect this statement to an earlier one given by the Senator. 

I recall that at the very outset when Leila came out in eloquent defense of her innocence, she did deliver a shot across the President’s bow, ladylike I say, a forewarning that she did not wish to embarrass the President should he persist with his public attacks. Her gentle message was: beware the boomerang! 

I believe she was sincere in wanting to spare the President. And confident as well that the President will end up with egg on his face should he persist. 
The die is cast. 

I do not think we can yet divine the final outcome of this sordid affair. My bet is however on the lady senator persevering. And that consequently, the President is unable to display gallantry. So typical.

We must remember how this all began. A nakedly vindictive tantrum of the former mayor of Davao City who once declared during a TV interview that he had personally killed three people. Yes, he with an angered addled mind issuing erratic judgment calls. 

When Leila de Lima was Chair of the Commission on Human Rights, she led an investigation into the murderous activities of the notorious Davao Death Squad and its possible connection to the Mayor of Davao City. 

Now, as Senator, Leila de Lima has doggedly pursued her unflinching zeal in righting a wrong by conducting a Senate inquiry into the on going EJKs (extrajudicial killings). This continues to anger the President even more. And addles him no end!


A parting thought on the ‘killingmost’ Chief Executive the country has ever known. 

In December last year, in another CyberBuddy commentary, I likened Presidential candidate Duterte to Jeff Dunham’s Achmed the dead Terrorist whose favorite expression is “I keel you!” 

When in honest satire I much earlier labelled him as Rodrigo “I keel you” Duterte, who would ever have imagined that not quite a hundred days on the job as our newly elected President, his tenure would already be highlighted with more than two thousand drug-related cold and bloody body counts. 

Although reportedly abnormal with his bedtime routine, (he summons press conferences-cum-monologues after the midnight hour, remember?) President Rodrigo “I keel you” Duterte is able to sleep, evidently, unperturbed and restful.

By the way, ABS-CBN News quotes our President, pontificating as he prepares to meet US President Obama during next week’s East Asian summit in Laos, “Obama must listen to me on human rights…..

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