5 moves of doom: The week in pro wrestling

By Rick Olivares

Posted at Sep 01 2014 01:33 PM | Updated as of Sep 01 2014 09:33 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling

A screen shot of TNA's Bobby Lashley standing triumphant over the fallen Tommy Dream in the last episode of Impact Wrestling

I’ve always liked the X-Division of TNA with all their high-flyers and the frenetic pace of the matches. I thought that the wrestlers and the matches here set them apart from the WWE.

In this week’s ep of TNA Impact Wrestling, for a while I thought that the six-man tag team battle between Low-Ki, Tigre Uno and Crazzy Steve against Manik, Homicide and Zema Ion was going to be its saving grace.

No way was Tommy Dreamer going to beat Bobby Lashley in the week’s opening segment. Not with Kenny King and MVP outside the ring.

And the Knockouts match between Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell was… well.. You know that it’s not much when the crowd chants, “We want puppies! We want puppies!”

Now I am thinking… this is getting to be disappointing. I have to apologize right here but I was the previous week’s main match that was a tables match between Team 3D and the Hardys was far below any of their previous encounters.

Then came the furious Six-Man Tag Team match where the Brooklyn-born Low-Ki took center stage. He not only delivered what I thought was one of the moves of the week – a double foot stomp on Manik after he reversed an octopus-style submission move -- but he also delivered a piledriver on Manik to earn the pinfall.

It was all over in five minutes! But what action! While Low-Ki is impressive and this gets him line for a match against Samoa Joe, I am still not sure if he has the power to handle the force of nature that is the Samoan Submission Machine.

I loved the welcome that US Army veteran Chris Melendez got in the TNA. The Afghanistan War veteran who had his left leg amputated due to an IED saw his dream of serving the country finished. But just as one dream died another opened up and that was his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. First through Mr. Anderson and then through Team 3D, Melendez learned the ropes.

And now, this Army war vet has been signed to TNA. Of course, the company saw his potential and talent despite his disability!

The chants of “USA! USA!” had to get your hair standing up.

But as rousing as that welcome was, the Main of Event that pitted Team 3D against the Hardys and the TNA Tag Team champions, The Wolves was worth the price of admission.

This time, the Main Event did not disappoint. The reunion of the Hardys sparked off the debate and led to these series of matches to determine which is the best Tag Team in the business.

For my money, my three best Tag Teams in order are: The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, Team 3D, and the Hart Foundation! I am a fan of the Hardys but they have to win quite a lot more to move up the ladder of greatness.

From the get-go it was pedal-to-the-metal action with the Wolves (Davey and Eddie) double teaming Bully Ray. What I love about Team 3D is they are more than just brawlers. They might not be the paragon of technical ability like the Hardys (or even Edge and Christian) but they work well together and know quite a move or two.

The Hardys upped the ante when Jeff went flying in the air and onto the Wolves who were out if the ring. Matt followed that up with a moonsault from the top rope that had the Wolves crashing to the floor once more.

But in the end, it Devon and Bully teamed up for a 3D on Eddie for the win and the stipulation (as to what kind of match they will determine for the next round). I’d say – tables, ladders, and chairs!


Not crazy about the feud between Nikki and Brie Bella. Their center stage tete-a-tete was terrible. I know that all tag teams and partnerships have come to an end when it comes to storylines but this one was painfully obvious in its coming.

So far the AJ Lee vs. Paige feud in the Divas category is far more compelling (although I think that Paige needs to out-weird Lee as well). Never liked AJ as a face. As an anti-hero with that unstable character suits her just fine.

But the Bella-rift? End it. Now. Fast!

I like Roman Reigns but I think that the push for both Raw and Smackdown is a little to much. Easy guys. While I think that Reigns is a more athletic and superhuman version of the Big Bossman, I think he’s got a lack of mike skills that makes guys like John Cena, CM Punk, Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock top billing.

Love the feud with Seth Rollins. Big match especially after Dean Ambrose got stomped by Corporate Kane and Rollins the previous week.

I guess the WWE doesn’t know what to make of the Wyatt Family now. I love them! Would love to be one of them fireflies but the past week – to see them manhandled by the Big Show and Mark Henry and now Cena all in the space of five days – is it over now for these Hillbilly Horrors?

Have always been a John Cena fan and I wish I could collect all his shirts (I have about three). Having said that, I am looking forward to another epic battle with Brock Lesnar. This better be legendary!

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