OPINION: Outrageous things students tell teachers

Rick Olivares

Posted at Aug 08 2016 08:37 PM

With the opening of classes today for the schools that have attuned their school year calendar to the international standard, every scholastic institution in the country will get back in the swing of education. It’s another year of learning, sports, and well, getting ready for the next stage of the youth’s lives. There’ll be interaction between students and teachers and vice versa.

We spoke with some teachers and professors from schools in Metro Manila as well as in North Luzon about some of the most outrageous things students have ever said to them.

Their answers are both hilarious, mind-boggling, and shocking to say the least.

Here’s to learning something about how our students think today.

This 12-year old kid who is in first year high school went up to me and said, "Miss, you're sexy." I didn't know how to react so I just said, "Oh, thanks."

I was telling a group of my Grade 4 students who are part of the club I moderate to bring a 1×1 ID picture for our next meeting. One of them comments (complete with hand gestures), “But Miss, how can I fit this beautiful face in that little thang?” I lost my teacher composure and laughed out loud!

Student: "Mam, sana test paper na lang ako."
Teacher: "Ha? What do you mean?
Student: "Para sasagutin mo na ako."

I think this was from either my first or second year of teaching: I returned their long tests and some scores were bad. One student just says out loud, "Sir, come on, you have to cut us some slacks!"

“Sir, pag stable nako, I'm going to marry you. Please wait for me."

"We hope Ma'am gets a lovelife soon.”

This is from the son of a congresswoman: “Sir better if Duterte and Marcos wins. Yung problem kasi natin population problem, eh di naman yan ma solve kundi patayin natin. Dami kasi nila eh." 

"When I grow up, I want to be a single parent."

"He talks too loud. It hurts my eardrums."

"Wala akong natutunan. Teacher ka ba talaga?"

I teach at an all-girls school so medyo rampant ang girl-to-girl relationships. When my college students learned that I am a Kulasa, they asked if I had a girlfriend before. On another instance, a student gave me a letter saying how beautiful she finds me."

During the day of an exam, I tell my students: “Nag-aral naman kayo siguro nung weekend (Valentine’s Day) at hindi kayo nakipag-date.” 
Student 1: “Sir ka-date ko yung accounting at least hindi ako sinasaktan.” 
Student 2: “Mamaya sasaktan ka na niyan."

A student approaches me, after missing a deadline for a plate. "Ser, pasensya lang na hindi ako nakapasok last week." 
Me: "Bakit hindi ka nakapasok?" 
Student: "Eh ser, kasi absent ako.”

Student: “Sir, is it all right that I leave now? I just found out my lolo died?”
Me: “Oh, my condolences. Sure, go ahead.”
Later that day, I bumped into that student’s cousin (I happen to know they are cousins). “Hey, why aren’t you at the wake of your lolo?”
Cousin: “Wake?”
Me: Your cousin asked to be excused from class because your lolo died.”
Cousin: “Naku, sir. Our lolo died several years ago. That’s the 11th time my cousin used that excuse to cut class."

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