OPINION: Works in Progress

Tin Bartolome - Hopechest

Posted at Jul 28 2017 03:57 PM

Going back to school was farthest from my mind, but after I attended an intensive 2-week summer workshop, I decided to take a diploma course.

That was over two years ago. There, I met my “toothbrush partner” at that summer workshop. We’d find ourselves talking to each other’s mirror image after brushing our teeth. Before long, we became close friends. During meals, we sat with another classmate of ours, instantly hitting it off. We’ve kept in touch and are very much involved in each other’s lives, even if one or the other was abroad. 

The two enrolled first and met the two others, one of whom was our “TA” (teaching assistant). I am the fifth, the latest enrollee. We agree on many things and I would dare say we admire one another. We support each other, but not to the point of cheating during exams. Simply put, we are there for each other, always!

The oldest among us has survived two annulled marriages. A self-proclaimed brat, she is actually nurturing and kind. She is very sweet but tells it like it is. Candid about her life, we eagerly await sessions with her as she elicits so much laughter! A strong woman, she is level-headed and is able to forgive easily.

Three of us are almost the same age and may have been high school chums. The retired corporate trainer is a cancer survivor. She is frank and minces no words when confronted with those “in denial”. She assists our teachers and patiently answers our questions. I have often told her that I would want to enroll in her classes but she says I may have to wait. She affirms me whenever I have issues regarding handling dissonant behavior—especially among teachers!

I am actually a few years older than the “mother hen” among us. She likes to call herself my “Ate” or older sister. A “Dakilang Volunteer”, she helps pay tuition, plays mother to seminarian classmates and would really go out of her way to be there. She is often online, usually attending a teleconference, but she is always there for us. She rarely refuses pleas for help. In fact, she helps even when nobody asks!

Our youngest is a mother of two boys and is involved in volunteer work in Bulacan. She enrolled because she feels it will help her do her volunteer work better! She is so patient, she is able to get along with even the most horrible people! Sometimes, she worries about not doing the right thing or being unkind. She is also always there for nearly everyone is like a big sister to the seminarians.

I am a little of everything these friends of mine are. I share a trait or two of each of them. I am dealing with diabetes, I am also able to see through defenses, but I can be nurturing as well. I do try to be there for others and affirm them and occasionally, I worry about whether I am nice enough to those who need understanding. 

We support each other without meddling, we have fun and enjoy eating out. Together, we are in the journey of life. And, like other classmates, we are all works in progress.

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