OPINION: Gina knows calderos

Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Jul 02 2016 04:10 AM

It has been asked, with tons of sarcasm whether Gina Lopez ever cooked with a caldero or does she eat or order take out. 

She's got the money for it. Actually so does everyone if they eat like Gina, mainly veggies, mostly raw. 

Has she even seen a caldero? She actually has and she’s actually used it in the most primitive conditions. I’ve known her since she was a girl of the generation before mine. 

She was pretty, and pretty rich, and never spoiled. And just when she coulda been a spoiled young woman, she joined Hare Krishna. 

For real, in earnest, and lived like an itinerant nun. Once she dropped in with her group, led by their yogi. No sooner were they in our living room than he dropped to the floor, wriggled and writhed there. 

My mother said in Spanish, doing that will make anyone hungry. So she prepared sandwiches, ham sandwiches, which he gobbled up. 

My mother said, aren’t they vegetarian. I said, they are from birth why they can’t tell ham from cucumber. 

Gina would ask friends in her old life to tag along with her. She took Tony Boy and I to Luneta, where she took babies used as props from beggars pretending to be mothers. And handed them to us. 

I was young then. I could hold a baby at arm’s length for an almost indefinite time. Gina knows from raw experience what calderos are, and that they are indeed made of metal. 

But she also knows that it is not imperative to hollow out entire landscapes by open-pit mining so they look like the moon in order to extract minerals like nickel and bauxite, copper and gold, that are never used to make calderos but jet planes, bullets, and jewelry. And that vastly more is taken out of open-pit mines than are used to make anything. A lot that’s extracted is thrown away, the rest are shipped raw at next to zero taxes, to countries that do not use them to make anything but for trading in stock and commodity markets. 

Mining is not about extracting necessary minerals for necessary things; but first foremost and almost entirely, it is about money and the saliva that makes it grow. Keep well.

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