OPINION: Nobel Prize for physics

Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Jun 23 2016 12:06 AM | Updated as of Jun 23 2016 08:22 PM

I am sick and tired of us being called Third World or a merely developing nation just because of the mass poverty and the corrupt governments that afflict us. You may call us poor, but that is only because we are; but being poor was no obstacle to achieving the scientific breakthrough for which the richest countries have pined. 

Let me explain. If time is light because events travel with light, and light travels the fastest, as Einstein said—adding that space is gravity whose force can bend light and therefore time along with it, then the aftermath of the recent election has proved Einstein right. 

Filipinos, at least some of them, can travel faster than light and time, and they can bend over so far backward that they can kiss the new a** in the Palace as if they never licked another one in the past. And they come out and say with a straight face pa, “We were always for Duterte.” Mindanao planters, who formally introduced Binay as the next president, never did so; and today boldly claim they were always and only for Duterte. 

More famously, the Liberal Party’s nominee by the reversal of time was never Mar but Duterte all along, and the head of the Liberal Party—the Speaker of the House, was never really Liberal but PDP-LABAN at heart from the start. 

This is impossible. I was one of the founders of the party along with Mitra, Guingona and Pimental right after Ninoy’s assassination. We met in the garden of Mitra’s house. I do not recall Sonny being there. But yes…YES! We have proved Einstein and Bohr were right about relativity and quantum…or rather quanto physics—meaning How much? With our hands out. All that without putting up a Hadron Collider which would cost hundreds of billions of dollars that some of us can pocket. My gum, everybody was always for Duterte. Even I—I who voted for my niece Grace and for Gringo because he let me gas up in Camp Aguinaldo for free when I was a law student. But I recall only one notable personality who actually said she was for Duterte way before the election—and that was Gina Lopez. And yet nobody was ever for Binay let alone Mar. Amazing. 

The Nobel Prize in physics for “time-travel and event reversal” must be awarded for the first time, not to a living individual, but to an entire time traveling people; starting with PNoy who said in a phone convo with Duterte that he was available to help him build on the gains of Daang Matuwid which was roundly rejected in the last election. 

Amazing. Sit tight. We are going into warp speed. And (making the Vulcan sign but with thumb and index finger making a circle for moolah) may the space-time bug bite you. 

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