Secret apology draft required Philippines to explain to Taiwan how Nancy Binay won 1

Secret apology draft required Philippines to explain to Taiwan how Nancy Binay won

Hot Manila - by Alan Robles

Posted at May 25 2013 04:35 PM | Updated as of May 26 2013 12:35 AM

A recently discovered discarded draft apology would have obliged the Philippines to explain to Taiwan just how Nancy Binay became a senator.

Manila also would have committed itself to "immediately" finding a way to resume airing Willie Revilliame shows on a major TV network.

Secret apology draft required Philippines to explain to Taiwan how Nancy Binay won 2

Apart from these, the Philippine government would have promised to "never ever" use the words "border violations," "illegal fishing," "intrusion" and "poaching" in all its communications with Taipei.

Ignacio Dimakaporma, a blogger who describes himself as a "super investigative reporter" and "A-number one editor," said he had discovered the draft "in a secret location somewhere."

In a Google Hangout session with any reporters -- or actually, anyone who bothered or cared to attend -- Dimakaporma said that "it seems like the Taiwanese really really really wanted to know how somebody like Nancy Binay could win a national election.

"I think the Taiwanese president felt there was a secret there, somewhere, that he could use."

As for what he called "the Revilliame Protocol," Dimakaporma said "it took me a while to understand why they wanted that, but I think I've got it figured out.

"They want the Revilliame show to resume airing as soon as possible so that Filipinos will be kept stupid and distracted and not pay attention to current events."

Dimakaporma claimed the draft document in his possession was one of several drawn up in the wake of a fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman by Philippine Coast Guard officials. When news of the incident broke, an incensed Taipei government immediately demanded compensation as well as an apology.

Philippine representatives to Taipei apparently ran several apology drafts by Taiwanese officials subject to their approval and correction without telling Malacañang about it. But Manila scuttled all the drafts and issued an apology that was furiously rejected by Taiwan, which then imposed sanctions on the Philippines.

"I suppose (Philippine President) Aquino felt that the drafts -- including the one I discovered -- were too accommodating and one-sided and gave too much to Taiwan," Dimakaporma said.

"Although frankly, I don't see it. I think the Taiwanese conditions were reasonable."

He said his careful study of what he called "the badly crumpled document' showed several other conditions seem to have been written in but crossed out. One of them, he claimed, required the Philippines to import several hundred thousand world globes with the words "MADE IN TAIWAN" pasted over the Batanes islands.

Dimakaporma would not reveal details of how he obtained the alleged apology draft. Neither would he reveal exactly which publication he worked for, although he claimed "I write 100 times better than anyone."

He dismissed all further questions by saying he was busy on his next investigative report - the exact location in Manila of the "Gates of Hell" that Dan Brown wrote in his latest book.

He asked one reporter: "Would you happen to know where Imelda Marcos lives?"

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