Duterte devalues, demeans, a danger and a disaster

Buddy Gomez

Posted at Apr 21 2016 04:09 PM

The Presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, is not clinically insane. Neither does he legally qualify as ‘non compos mentis.’ Beyond any doubt, he is responsible for his own behavior and he knows it. In fact, he brags about it. What he is unaware of is that he is suffering from a severe personality disorder, an attitudinal maladjustment that indicates obsessive/compulsive propensities and proclivities that all point to a very unsafe egocentricity. If perchance and by a mere plurality of people’s quirk, Duterte is afforded authority and power as President, he poses a real peril to society. Duterte is a certified sociopath. He is mentally and morally unfit to be President.

In the recent past, he has been lampooned as a Filipino incarnation of Achmed, the “I keel you” guy. (Remember the world renowned stand-up comic, Jeff Duncan and his ‘dead terrorist’ Achmed?) 

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Beyond that humorous sarcasm is the ugly reality that Duterte is admittedly a murderer. Both personally and directly as well as an unabashed mastermind. He has not only publicly and flagrantly bragged about it, he swears he will perform some more carnage by the thousands to combat and solve crime “in three to six months,” feeding the carcasses to fatten the fish in Manila Bay! All extra-judicially, of course. A la Duterte. Likewise, he promises to mow down union member-protestors when on strike for labor grievances. And even close down Congress if they should behave untowardly to his notions of a reforming leader of the nation.

This Duterte style of leadership, brandished as a political clarion call to his faithful coterie, which they all swear by, they call Pagbabago (Change), the country’s existential need. 

Hallucinatory, indeed, when their “Pababago” protagonist is himself incapable of change. He has been mired in a 71-year congenital condition which has worsened over his lifetime, evidently starting from an ill-tempered, spoiled rotten childhood. It is unequivocal that the psychiatric profile that “opposition research” has been able to unearth from court records confirms Duterte’s unusual human behavior as the cause of his marriage’s failure and annulment. 

Quotes from the examining psychiatrist, Dr. Natividad Nayan, a highly credentialed former President of the International Council of Psychologists: “gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness,” … “grandiose sense of self-entitlement and manipulative behavior,”…..”pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their human rights and feelings.” Dr. Nahan’s conclusion: “Antisocial, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

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A brief litany of very recent Duterteic behavioral examples likewise confirm further Dr. Nayan’s past clinical conclusions. 

How can anyone ever forget: “putang ina KA!”…”umuwi KA na” (you s.o.b., go home!) directed at Pope Francis? And after a public furor, Duterte simply finessed by saying his tirade was against government’s handling of Manila’s traffic. 

What about openly exhibiting his macho-ness by forcibly mouth-kissing resisting partisan fans? Is that not flaunting, a display of public debauchery? Promoting bandit-taxation forcibly excised by NPA-communist rebels? “Just accept it and pay up,” Duterte advises. 

And with the same breath, he declares that Communist leaders will be given Cabinet positions in his administration, demeaning the near thankless herculean endeavors of our military and police, alienating them as a logical consequence. 

Then comes his Ilocano vote-baiting spiel: Marcos is the greatest! Bury him among the nation’s heroes! Trapo, trapissimo! What about recalling a confessional incident where he admits to sexually molesting a sleeping household maid? This story-telling is his sick form of amusement and entertainment for his audience. Meted a light penance because it was a mere ‘venial sin,’ according to Duterte, he in fact demeans and devalues womanhood. Duterte dismisses his lasciviousness by insensitively, condescendingly saying, “She is just a maid!” (The President of a country, an avowed “ ‘atchai’ killer?” A National shame! Despicable!)

The quintessence of poor judgment (like no other, ever, presidential candidate has committed) is the use of a gruesome rape incident, couched and delivered via gutter language joke, to entertain and tickle the funny bones of his lumpen proletariat audience calculated to endear himself and attract their votes to become their President. 

What sick mind would derive pleasure from self-adulation in first claiming anger over the hideous crime of rape and in the same breath, describing the murdered victim, an Australian Christian missionary, as an attractive movie actress look-alike, then expressing a frustrated wish that as Mayor he should have been at the head of the rapists’ queue! Revolting! And this shoddy excuse of a man wants to be President! Sadly and cruelly, the latest polling puts him in the lead of the Presidential pack.

The worldwide resonance created by the reportage on Duterte’s behavior in that gruesome and hideous rape retelling episode, most prominently by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Washington Post, has already brought painful and shameful dishonor to our country and people. As a leading candidate, Duterte’s demeanor has already devalued the Filipino. We are an otherwise good people, albeit happily foolish every now and then, but we do not deserve a demeaning disaster.

And so, the world is now watching and with bated breath, waiting. Will the Philippines elect an unadulterated scoundrel?

Without any error envisaged, the reforms and changes needed to combat the societal ills and culturally embedded infirmities of our beloved country require decades of patient and persevering nurture. This arduous trek has began and the endeavor is bearing fruit. Stoking impatience with bluster and promises of instant gratification will only create a mirage. 

While servant leadership by personal example is an indispensable element of our society’s progressive amelioration, no one man, not one President in one single term can ever accomplish that sought for goal. The poor and the corrupt will always be with us. Stemming and containing the twin maladies of poverty and corruption is a very long journey that feeds upon the healthy respect of the governed. That endeavor requires a sober, steadfast soul, which Duterte does not and will not possess. An unhinged, loose cannon never reaps a people’s invigorating respect. 

Yet, I do not discount the stygian mishap, a freak of fate, that of Duterte slipping through as President. Should that occur, it will certainly by a mere sliver of unconvincing plurality. The two-thirds of the electorate who will not have voted for him, will surely regard him with animosity and utter disrespect. It will be a presidency quite different from Fidel Ramos’ who although winning with just a quarter of the electorate’s plurality, did not engender animosity from the majority and in fact soon earned grudging respect. After the elections of 1992, Ramos governed effectively with the seeming winds of a majority at his back. On the other hand, Duterte has already abdicated that possibility.

Without having earned the respect of the majority, a Duterte presidency will be saddled with an incapacity to govern effectively. A Duterte presidency may just as well also confirm that long standing fear that the Philippines is really ungovernable, thanks to the preponderance of the misguided undiscerning. 

When Rodrigo Duterte brazenly claims that he is the ‘huling baraha,’ the last card, he is exhibiting delusional conceit and chauvinism. A “savior” complex! Another confirmation of Dr. Nahan’s psychiatric evaluation. The misguided political credo of Duterte and his viciously angered and addled horde of loyal suckers would have us believe that without Duterte, only doom awaits our still benighted motherland! Such arrogance is impervious to the distinct fate of our abused country being the planet’s unrivalled laughing stock.

Well, I have old news to share lest the dazzle of the electoral climate may have caused momentary amnesia. Remember only too well that we may have suffered from serial Sisyphean episodes in the past but we have always survived. The Philippines is indestructible!

But why chance a dangerous aberration?

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(Disclaimer: The views of the blogger are his own and not necessarily the views of ABS-CBN Corp.) 

Disclaimer: The views in this blog are those of the blogger and do not necessarily reflect the views of ABS-CBN Corp.