Morning after

Tin Bartolome

Posted at Apr 15 2016 09:46 PM

“Pill” is the word that usually comes after the term “morning after”, meaning emergency contraceptive—taken not later than 120 hours or 5 days after unprotected sex. Searching for its definition or meaning requires a bit of work because it is only on the second page that an item called Morning After appears without the word “Pill” and refers to a site (

The term “morning after” acquired a new meaning for me the day after having taken a life-changing seminar/training on Positive Education. If the pill was meant to allow the one who took it to live her life uninterrupted by pregnancy, this experience can turn one’s life around.

It’s like growing wings when all the time I thought I was meant for water, like seeing everything with a new pair of eyeglasses—or like breathing fresh, clean air after taking off a gas mask!

So suddenly, I did not have to get up early to get to the venue on time. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed overwhelming because of the tasks that need to be done, yet I believe we can do it—together with others, of course.

Positive Education empowers the youth and allows them to determine their direction and reach their goals by giving them whatever it takes to make informed choices and conquer challenges and obstacles so that they become successful and lead happy lives. This way, they become productive contributors to society.

In recent years, wellness has become an important focus of interest in the field of medicine. I have heard many stories of people who were able to overcome illnesses mainly because of the will to live—positive attitude. Positive reinforcement has been proven to change behavior more effectively than punishment. There is a science to it and there are studies to prove that happiness is achievable through Positive Education—which I will write about later (as I get to understand and practice the life skills it teaches)

So, the morning after the last session, with my certification and all the information I need to understand, process and practice, I am hopeful once more, notwithstanding the negativity wrought by election campaigns, the sweltering heat and the worsening traffic situation. The seeds of Positive Education may one day make the “morning after pill” unnecessary!

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