OPINION: Charter change

Teddy Locsin Jr.

Posted at Apr 12 2017 01:49 PM

Since we are in the mode for charter change here are one or two essential changes to make any system work better or work at all because government is not working. 

The main defect of any system of government is the ability to use any position in government to take advantage of it to get another position in the other more lucrative branches of government, to wit, the executive the legislative and the judicial (the money is not good here). You run for Congress for the money to to run again and again, and hopefully enough to run for the senate. Or for governor, mayor, or president. Therefore, the Constitution should prohibit any official from running for or getting appointed to any post in either of the other 2 branches of govt. A man is hardly good at one thing let alone two. No one is a genius in government because government is not an intellectual discipline like math or philosophy. It is not an art either like painting, dance, or sculpture. It is a job which anybody halfway intelligent can do well with diligence. 

Lee Kuan Yew seems the exception but he is not. He was not a public official. He was the founder of a country, like Numa and Lycurgus. Lee could have retired to be chief justice of Singapore but he lacked the judicial experience and the time to learn the judicial ropes.

The best of us—and there are no best of us in government outside of Lee Kuan Yew— are passable in one job only. So let’s stick to it. Even to be a good congressman is a lifetime: a possibility erased by the imposition of term limits which has prevented the rise of another Datumanong in the House who knew the rules like they ran in his veins. I couldn’t talk unless he prodded me from the side to tell me when and on what grounds I could. I miss him.

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