OPINION: Continuing conversations about Bangsamoro

Amir Mawallil

Posted at Apr 11 2019 02:28 AM

The new Bangsamoro is in place and hitting the ground running to work on important pieces of legislation and policies and the pause between tasks is a good time to reflect on some important things.

At the height of efforts to pass the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) over the last 5 years, we saw how conversations about the Bangsamoro helped shape the agenda we have before us now. We saw how these conversations helped us gain ground and mainstream support from various sectors for the passage of the BOL.

Now that we are here, implementing the BOL, we should remember those conversations about the Bangsamoro as a political and cultural identity. These conversations should continue.

Conversation plays a crucial role in communication and in our case, the passage of the BOL. Two-way communication where listening is as vital as speaking clearly will surely help us succeed in setting up the Bangsamoro government so it is responsive to the needs of its people.

This time, however, the conversations should be extended to households, classrooms, and on to legislation and education policies that the Bangsamoro Parliament is crafting. These sustained conversations should be part of our efforts to institutionalize the Bangsamoro agenda.

When I was growing up, there weren't enough materials on Bangsamoro history. All we had were family conversations about our history as Tausugs, as people living in the aftermath of Bangsamoro history. All we had was a strong oral tradition -- one that should be kept alive, but should also be augmented by careful and accurate documentation so it can be taught as part of our lessons on our culture and history. Hopefully, this time we will be able to pass this knowledge on to our children, and keep it current so any new developments will become part of this historical and cultural record of our people.

It takes mindfulness to build anything sustainably and mindfulness in continued communication about our identity, culture, and history is as good a place as any to begin.

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