Clear victory for RH 1

Clear victory for RH

by Teddy Locsin Jr.

Posted at Apr 10 2014 01:00 AM | Updated as of Apr 10 2014 12:42 PM

LET’S cut the crap. The pro-RH won hands down, the anti-RH lost miserably. The Catholic Church suffered a complete defeat for which, frankly, the Pope should cancel any plans to visit this country.

The provisions stricken down by the Supreme Court were the most obviously unconstitutional. If I didn’t know better firsthand watching this law being drafted by radical birth controllers, you would think they were put there precisely to be stricken down so that the formidable Catholic Church would leave the fight defeated by with stupid head held high.

These provisions are red flags signaling the violation of the first and most important of fundamental rights and liberties in the Bill of Rights, which constitute the best justification for a democracy—rule by the popular ignorant choice—rather than a monarchy, rule by God’s anointed with God-laid limitations. There were more things a king could not do than a president can today.

Democracy protects these fundamentals better because they are essential to the functioning of democracy. This is a system of government that by is nature keeps changing its composition. Today’s government elected by the majority will be tomorrow’s minority opposition. The common elements of both minority and majority—politicians—are therefore interested with their ever changing prospects in upholding the rights that let them survive defeat at the polls and continue working for a future victory thereat.

The first of those rights is freedom of religious conscience, which predates even the other others and is preeminent among them. Religious freedom is not a mere instrumental right, like freedom of expression, which enables the minority to malign the current majority and recruit more disenchanted members of the majority to join the minority until it becomes the new majority. No.

Freedom of religious conscience is why anyone thought of democracy at all. The religious oppression that started the English Civil War drove many Puritians to emigrate to the northern part of the New World. The conclusion of the English Civil War with the judicial murder of a pro-Catholic king and installation of a Protestant dictatorship, drove many Royalists to the southern hotter parts of the New World where they replicated their royal lifestyle at the expense of the Negro. This in turn led to the American Civil War, which was a continuation of the English Civil War, according to Spengler (Hitler’s favorite writer and mine, we have so much in common).

A lot of democratic history is over religion. Now here comes a law that, passed by huge majorities in both houses of Congress and signed into law by a president out to show his toughness. It widely attacks Catholic teaching on birth control and precisely focuses on freedom of religious conscience in several provisions that compel government health workers to implement the law in violation of their religious conscience and on peril of losing their jobs.

Naturally these would be struck down even though the pro-RH argue that without them, a birth control program through pills, rubbers and education—already a proven failure at the first serious attempt under the Marcos regime—won’t work any better. My Dad believed in radical compulsory birth control and vehemently attacked the Catholic Church in his highly influential magazine because he deeply believed that, even at just 27 million, there were enough stupid people in our country.

So there is a good argument forcing government workers to implement it or lose their jobs. Indeed, the premise of the RH Law is that Filipinos are so stupid that just telling them that there are rubbers and pills at every drugstore and grocery, so they can screw to their heart’s content with no consequences at all, is not enough. You gotta shove the paraphernalia of birth control down their throats or over their johns. So the stricken provisions are critical to the success of the program and will be a convenient excuse when it fails, as it surely will, because the statistics show that birth rates come down only when they don’t need to: when the country attains such progress and prosperity that it can afford to support multiples of its population without any strain except that prosperity kills the desire to share it with children.

Nonetheless, the upholding of the rest of the RH Law by the Supreme Court means that the status quo has been completely reversed. Now the default option is you will do birth control whenever you and your partner are about to romp in bed: the packet of rubbers is on the bed and a pill is on the side table with a glass of water. They can of course neglect to take it, as is sure to happen most of the time, and just jump in to enjoy the experience “fresh” as Filipinos like to say, but they government will put them there.

Before this week’s RH victory, couples had to go out and look for the stuff if they wanted to avoid the natural and nasty consequence of fornication: children to feed. This is a nuisance not just for those who can’t make ends meet yet keep making their organs meet; it is more of a nuisance for the rich who will need to explain their bastards with the maid or the “ho” to his legitimate children and the fat harridan into which that cute “colegiala” they courted so avidly has morphed and who remains totally unappealing no matter how much of his money she takes to deck herself out with jewelry and the latest fashion.

No, sir, now birth control is the norm and if you are one of those weirdoes who regard the natural consequence of fornication as desirable rather than nasty—which is to say children, you gotta go out of your way to avoid government workers constantly importuning you to roll up a rubber or swallow a pill. If you don’t want what will always be on offer, you gotta say no where before you had to go out and ask for it. Now that is a total victory for the pro-RH and a total defeat for antis.

Ditto sex education. It will be laid out in the classroom, complete with rubberized simulacra of genitals whose functions, obvious even to a retard—“this goes into that, again and again, then it shudders”—whether or not you find that distasteful, suggestive and even dangerous to your kids. You have to go take your child out of the classroom. It will be that much trouble. Not that I oppose sex education but, having read all the Internet news of pretty attractive teachers having sex with their students, I just wonder where were they when I was in school.

So Catholic families are now on the defensive. The default option is rubbers. They can opt out, sure, but they gotta take the trouble. As I said, it is not a Win-Win situation but Win-Lose: the pro-RH beat the crap out of the Church, not least because the latter’s defenses were uninformed if not downright silly; and it was ashamed to play every card it had in its hand; especially the last one of theological threats that is regularly played by other religions like the Protestant.

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