OPINION: Good news

Teddy Locsin Jr.

Posted at Mar 29 2017 01:20 AM

Here’s good news from the science page of the Telegraph. The killings can stop. We know shabu kills the user and not just by bullets. 

Marijuana kills too. Dr. Aditi Kalla, cardiology fellow at the Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, discovered that, yes, marijuana is a natural high. And not only natural—the very heart is structured to receive its joyful effect. 

Analyzing more than 20 million records of young and middle-aged patients over 2 years, he found that heart muscles have marijuana receptors that respond to it. The problem is the response. The marijuana receptors are connected to the contractility or squeezing ability of heart muscles. Just like the rest of a pothead-to-toe—smoking a joint, eating it in brownies or sprinkled like oregano on spaghetti sauce—marijuana makes all of you all relaxed including your heart. 

Heart muscles go slack. Why pump at all, man? I mean, why stress the heart, man?
Soon the heart loses the habit of pumping. And there you go, no loss to the world. 

The finding that marijuana conduces to stroke and heart failure is separate from the effects of obesity, alcohol misuse, and smoking. It is a stand-alone killer. Nice. Yup, keep smoking and improve the race. The rest of us will keep well.

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