OPINION: No price too steep for justice

Teddy Locsin Jr.

Posted at Mar 26 2017 10:59 PM

Although the whole world was watching, Bosnian Serbs encouraged by Serbian nationalists, raped thousands of Bosnian Muslim women and girls, and segregated and murdered thousands of Bosnian Muslim men and boys. The United Nations did nothing. And yet in 2007 the United Nations’ International Court of Justice exonerated Serbia which had encouraged the ethnic cleansing by rape and slaughter.

The Bosnian member of the 3-man Bosnian presidency said he will appeal the infamous judgment to beat the 10-year deadline to contest the ruling by 2017.

His Bosnian Serb and Croatian Serb co-presidents oppose his move because an appeal may reignite the killing and raping, the ethnic cleansing all over again under the protection of Serbia and Russia. 
But the Muslim Bosnian co-president said better the country run the risk of carnage again than trade suffering and genocide for political stability.

Stability and peace, as I have repeatedly said is the be-all and end-all only of inferior races. For freedom, justice, and human rights no price is too steep to pay to uphold them and redress their violation by any means and in any way. Only cowards crave peace with dishonor and injustice. 

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