OPINION: Malacanang’s menagerie of morons


Posted at Mar 24 2017 12:11 AM

This really ought to be a classic in nouveaux idiotic Philippine political lore. 

Within moments of the surprise news hitting the airwaves and cyber space, about Congressman Gary Alejano having filed his Impeachment Complaint against President Duterte (March 16, 2017), inescapably there appeared walking-talking examples, the very physical embodiments, of the phrase: “opinionated ignoramus.” (The phrase was first applied, meritoriously, to describe a newly elected President many blogs ago.)

This time around, the scathing epithet is won hands down, jointly and severally, by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, Spoxman Ernesto Abella and Solicitor General Jose Calida. Although expressed in a variety of tones, the common behavior is primed for unabashed flagrant jostling of who licks the President’ ass best!

Instantaneously, separately but in unison, they pounced upon Gary Alejano and his Impeachment Complaint with vociferous expletives in reflexive defense of their “capo,” without even having read, much less understood, the celebrated document of impeachment! Now, how stupid can that be?

Am I, then, misquoting Speaker Alvarez when he reportedly also said that it is their inalienable and inviolable right to “being stupid?” For behaving in the reactive manner that they did, which is too much ado without a complete understanding of what they are reacting to?

It is now apparent that this menagerie may have finally read the Alejano document. Realizing the severity of the accusations, they are now mute but perhaps quietly mulling what else they could possibly do to earn ‘brownie points’ from their lord and master, now confirmed to be besieged by international disrepute.

Please allow me to offer a piece of friendly advice just in case you may have felt alluded to because you also may not have read the document. Please find the time to read and understand it. Here it is: Impeachment complaint vs President Duterte

I strongly recommend a serious perusal of this document. A 17-page easy read but truly serious business. Indeed, a game changer for many minds. As a matter of public service, please post it and share it. It is indeed a patriotic duty of every righteous and sensible citizen of the Philippines to understand the disastrous mess we find ourselves in today and who is causing it. Thus enlightened, act decisively. 

Name-calling vs. Describing 

Here is a personal disclosure. I do not relish name-calling per se, much less profanity. That is Mr. Duterte’s zone of comfort and only apparent competence. Rather, I enjoy and engage in colorful but aptly descriptive language, such as, por ejemplo…..ahem... ”Malacanang’s Menagerie of Morons.” Music to my aggrieved ears. Alliterative, too. Don’t you think? 

(Alliteration is a writing technique learned and honed decades ago with internship as campus journalists of an illustrious school paper: “The Bedan.” Circa-1950s. Memories of our dear departed and revered adviser, Prof. Recaredo V. Enriquez.) The exercise is a challenging, healing outlet for pent up anger at the seemingly endless and hazardous imbecilities and nincompooperies that Dutetards have a surfeit of. 

Teaser, Forecast or Spoiler Alert!

There are two acceptably justified occurrences of cleansing violence in the history of nations that have achieved maturity and greatness. The assassination of an incumbent ruling leader and a civil war. None of which have befallen our native land. The bloodless EDSA and the ignominious fall of Marcos do not qualify. 

I am not about to maliciously suggest unjustifiable retribution. However, I do happen to know that in some sincerely concerned and committed quarters, there are a handful few who are beginning to entertain alternative solutions! And these do not exclude entities in current positions of responsibility and authority. En garde, Dutertards!

Duterte’s ‘reign of terror’ against our society’s hapless and helpless, his deleterious idiosyncracies, ruthless pathological bloodlust, dictatorial proclivities and his as yet unproven corruption all bring to mind a useful quotation from Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Should not some pondering begin to percolate?.

It is only the Philippines under the Duterte Presidency that has been cautioned in an almost simultaneous chorus of concern by Amnesty International, The New York-based Human Rights Watch, and the US State Department about the recorded abuse and disregard of human rights. Even the European Union as well as the United Nations have seen it fit to express humanitarian sentiments. The International Criminal Court earlier aired a stern warning. And to all of which, the great Duterte has responded with characteristic uncivilized profanity! 

Not even during the Marcos years has our Republic been so universally pushed towards a pariah precipice. This shame is owned lock, stock and barrel by a most insensitive maniacal leader we perforce have to abide by and suffer.

You can be sure that the investigative teams sent over to the Philippines by those institutions to comb through our socio-political landscape were professionally thorough and exacting. They did count upon unnamed, highly confidential human resources with intimate familiarity of the terrain, as it were. These reliable individuals belong to the remaining unspoiled, still idealistic ranks of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. They do exist, you know!

Dr. Natividad Dayan, HELP!

Dr. Naty Dayan is none other than “a solid psychologist, with unquestionable personal integrity,” who pronounced Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte in 1998 to be afflicted with “a psychiatric disorder called Anti-Social Narcissistic Disorder.” 

Dr. Dayan, who had served as President of the International Council of Psychologists and is currently a Director of the Asian Psychological Association, also concluded that Duterte had “a pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings…..with a poor capacity for objective judgment…..gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness.” 

A psychiatric profile needed judicially to support the marriage annulment filed by ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman who could no longer stand Duterte.

Does being a minority President beneficially alter the psychological make up of the man or has he deteriorated? 

Of course, there is no truth to the rumor that President Duterte was observed to have been frothing in the mouth, with delirium in his eyes! Instead, he is on record, angrily declaring in a late night speech among Filipinos during a recent official visit in Yangon, Myanmar that “Ako ang may-ari ng buong Pilipinas!“ (I own all of the Philippines!) 

Is that not a triple WOW? Not even traditional political looney tunes Pascual Racuyal nor Valentin de los Santos had ever dared such impertinent gumption. Pixelated and touched? Should we not, then, call upon Dr. Dayan again?

In addition to what we already know about our minority President, there are continuing revelations. This one is pretty scary. In a video interview of self-confessed hitman man, erstwhile of Duterte’s Davao Death Squad, ex-police officer Arturo Lascanas shared an observation that Duterte was “sadistic” in the handling of those he had marked for elimination and executed! Sadism is listed in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”

Should not a psychiatric re-evaluation of the President’s mental health, as an assurance for the sake national pride and equanimity, be called for?
It is of extreme public interest that Philippine society be assured that their minority President is NOT legally ‘non compos mentis’ (not of sound mind), NOT clinically crazy.

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