Destroy De Lima: A sinister drama written and directed by Duterte

Buddy Gomez

Posted at Mar 17 2017 02:00 AM

“De Lima, you are finished!”   

The wicked and twisted mind of newly elected minority President, the murderous Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo R. Duterte, was vainly and ever so cockily announcing to the world. In a pre-dawn press conference, August 25  2016, he was showing off the raw powers of the Presidency he was beginning to enjoy and wallow in. His bragging demeanor, obviously indicative of his avowed capacity to destroy anyone who dares cross him. Does scaring adversaries and non-adherents provide psychological stimulus to a maladjusted ego?

The tirade against the lady Senator  may  well have been also a nervous reaction to the formal Senate investigation already launched by Sen. Leila de Lima, then chairman of the Justice Committee. It was to be an inquiry into the killings of drug suspects by the police. And don’t we know it! Evidently, this was a continuance from the unfinished Davao Death Squad (DDS) investigations initiated by De Lima in 2009  when she was still the chair of the Human Rights Commission.

A nervous reaction? Who knows? Psychiatry calls it “defense mechanism.” Before the emergence of self-confessing hitmen Edgar Matobato and Arturo Lascanas, nobody has ever dared and in fact come closest to pinning down Duterte to the atrocities attributed to his Davao Death Squad as the lady senator has courageously done. Perhaps, to this minority President, the name “De Lima” prompts perceptions of psychic peril inducing nightmares. De Lima’s sagacity and fortitude, totally unexpected by Duterte’s untrammeled chauvinism, has become an affront to his manhood. Hallmarks of an incorrigible misogynist. De Lima has effectively called Duterte’s bullying bluff. To Duterte, De Lima has become an existential threat! To reiterate, Duterte is “scared shit” of this lady. Therefore, she must be “finished!” Destoyed. Cowards do that, you know!  

For the record, let us recap. The first Duterte move was to have Leila deposed from her chair, with his lapdogs in the Senate, conniving and in complicit concert. This was followed by scripted public hearings in the House of Representatives, in a series of despicable attempts at humiliating the lady senator with staged obscenities lecherously enjoyed by a coterie of Congressional baboons. Her very private and personal life raked over while a cast of criminals was paraded with manufactured accusations provided by an unglamorously, godawful-ugly-toupeed Secretary of Justice.

Ultimately, criminal cases filed, a warrant of arrest served and Sen. De Lima now in police detention. Jail  was the ultimate objective, regardless of “Proof beyond reasonable doubt” being inconsequential and truly, simply incidental! All of these resting upon the orchestrated testimonies of convicted criminals, still serving sentences, bribed with perks and promises of leniency. 

And as it all turned out, none of the government witnesses are legally qualified to testify. The law expressly prohibits testimonies from those convicted of crimes involving ‘moral turpitude.’ The infirmity of Duterte’s plank now in full display!

Unmasking the Brew Master

There can no longer be any room for doubt that the decision to demonize, to harass and silence, to intimidate and incarcerate, nay obliterate, to destroy Sen. Leila de Lima was concocted and manufactured in Malacanang. President Duterte, at the very top of the poison chain, continues to orchestrate as brew master of vindictive persecution politics.   Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre II, performing puppets exuberantly salivating at the opportunity to once more profess grovelling subservience continue to feed the ego of their maddened potentate.  

So that last Monday in another press conference, President Duterte with triumphant brazenness declared: “The number one drug-trafficking personality is a government official and is now in prison,” alluding of course to Sen. De Lima. The unthinking, irresponsible chatter box that President Duterte has proven himself to be, all by his own moronic self,  was in fact surreptitiously accusing former President Benigno Aquino III of being the top coddler-proctector of the “number one drug lord.” Leila was after all PNoy’s Secretary of Justice! Such scores require settling. There is time for Karma!

Duterte, once again, “destabilizes” himself!

The “Destabilization” Side-Show

The Duterte playbook has shifted to a new phase of political paranoia.  

A feeble ‘message discipline’ is currently being promoted. Unfortunately, the attempt has fallen flat and many deem it laughably preposterous. The current party line calls  for strengthening their misinformed mass base, now afflicted with the onset of anemia! Cries of ‘destabilization’ seem to be weakly heard and without patronage. A call for sympathy and succor  from their enablers, blind followers and zealots. Perhaps, even to the general public, from whoever  may perhaps be conned into believing that the Duterte administration is indeed under siege with attempts at “destabilization” from the opposition.  

First to publicly whine about an imagined ‘destabilization’ was erstwhile Foreign Secretary, Perfecto Yasay, Jr. When his American citizenship was  questioned  before  the Commission on Appointments, Yasay  claimed that those objecting to his confirmation were 'destabilizing’ the Duterte administration.

Then comes the growing popular support  for the Davao Death Squad testimonies of self-confessing hitmen, Lascanas and Matobato. That too, the Dutertards claim, is the Liberal Party ‘destabilizing’  Duterte government. 

President Duterte himself  accused some mining interests of funding the political opposition in efforts to undermine his administration and fomenting, you guessed it, “destabilization.” 

Amidst all these, the sober Secretary of National Defense, Delfin Lorenzana, the one authority charged with national intelligence viz-a-viz the stability of the nation, categorically states that there is no such discerned movement to destabilize the national government,  even allaying fears  of the very administration political operatives seeking to sow misplaced partisan hysteria.

The impeachment complaint that has been filed in the House is not destabilization. It is a legitimate constitutionally sanctioned remedy for abuse of power and high crimes that President Duterte has been shown to have committed. Impeachment is the political process by which allegations and accusations of criminal skullduggeries are ventilated, argued and meted people’s judgement. That is more than sufficient cause for panic.

The Duterte cries of ‘destabilization’ are in fact irreversible pieces of evidence of paranoia now turning into panic. It is self-administered! The root of discomfiture is nothing less than serial stupidity and incompetence of the President, himself. Having molested the nation’s equanimity, Duterte will now “inherit the wind!”

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