The long burying of Marcos. Here we go again

Buddy Gomez

Posted at Mar 09 2016 09:38 PM | Updated as of Mar 10 2016 02:10 AM

The burial, intentionally delayed, of the national shame personified by the unlamented, deposed and long dead dictator is once again being bruited about by his namesake and son. Mainstream media gave it some play. It just may resurface again, unless the Marcoses are dealt with, with irreversible convincing finality.

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. (a.k.a. BongBong, a candidate for Vice President in the May elections) has announced his desire to have his father interred in the national shrine to be among the country’s fallen heroes. He speaks of “legal reasons” and claims his dad deserves Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) for his final repose. He also gives us a peek, albeit unwittingly, at what will come to pass should the nation suffer from collective amnesia and allow the Marcoses unwarranted political resurgence.

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Bongbong most probably had in mind “R.A No.289, An Act Providing for the Construction of a National Pantheon for Presidents of the Philippines, National Heroes and Patriots,” enacted in 1948. The Marcoses have to be reminded of what that law is very specific about. In the law’s objective, it not only says: “To perpetuate the memory of all Presidents, national heroes and patriots,” but as well, “for the inspiration and emulation of this generation and of generations still unborn.” Absent thee, sanity… Marcos an inspiration?

The Marcos family is entitled to honor and venerate their beloved. Privately. That is simple human decency. But behaving like incorrigible societal pests repeatedly imposing their ill-conceived whimsy upon the very community they have abused and molested, and allowing them to get away with it, is an obscenity. Interment in the Heroes’ National Cemetery is rewarding the Marcoses for their shameless schemes of revisionist history. They are entitled to their private grief and sentiments but they have absolutely no right to flaunt flagrantly the monumental fraud that Ferdinand E. Marcos has been unmasked to have been all his life, beyond any measure of doubt.

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Allowing the paraffined, mummified remains of the dictator’s shriveled cadaver to be interred among the hallowed niches of Libingan ng Mga Bayani is the ultimate desecration of Filipino self-respect. Designating precious space for a heartless scoundrel in a field reserved for heroes becomes the supreme slur upon the souls of Marcos Martial Law’s victims. Nowhere else on earth has such painful disgrace been known to assault a nation’s dignity. Please, never “only in the Philippines!” Not even as a joke!

A personal testimony to skulduggery

Ferdinand E. Marcos’s freely distributed autobiography: “For Every Tear a Victory” (for which he hired the services of an American writer, Hartzell Spence, to be its overt “author,” published by McGraw-Hill in 1964 as his principal propaganda in the campaign for the Presidency in 1965) contains glaring exhibits of Marcosian fraud and fakery.

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Let me point out just one specific instance which I find to be the very quintessence of deception. It is a sad commentary that to this day the chicanery continues with our Armed Forces of the Philippines’ consent and, perhaps even connivance, unquestioningly abetting the perpetuation of a fraudulent military rank that Marcos awarded himself. “Major Ferdinand E. Marcos 0-41394 Infantry.” Such rank and serial number is carried in the roster of veterans kept by our Department of National Defense. When will the generals come to their senses? For the sake of Truth and Honor, this colossal error must be rectified.

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There is absolutely no official record that shows and proves that Bataan veteran Marcos (for he was one, after all) was ever promoted beyond the rank of Third Lieutenant. This was his entry rank upon being ‘called up’ for active duty at the onset of WW II. “Major Marcos” is a monumental hoax he himself concocted, fooling the entire country with amazing gall. Even more amazing, though, is the unsuspecting naivete and timidity of an entire country that allowed Marcos’s unrivaled, untrammeled conmanship. For the longest time, his masquerade was accepted without much quibble.

According to Marcos, in his “For Every Tear a Victory,” he rose from the rank of Third Lieutenant to Captain within a period of 70 days, from enlistment when peace still reigned in the islands to within the first three weeks of war action in Bataan. In fact, in Marcos’ fairy tale, he awards himself with a promotion from First Lieutenant to Captain in less than a week! Preposterous! Never mind that all his war medals have been proven fake and debunked. I have not come across an exposé on his assuming a dubious military rank, flaunting it and getting away with it.

About his military rank, here is how Ferdinand Marcos’ own narrative goes:

Page 124----”…..called up on November 15”……..”still a third lieutenant….” (1941)…….21st Infantry Division in Tarlac. (He claims to have been assigned as ‘combat intelligence officer’ which is a non-existing designation in the Philippine Army.)

Page 127-----”...Third Lieutenant Ferdinand Marcos...”

Page 134-----“...led by Lieutenant Ferdinand Marcos...” (It is to be noted that he has already dropped the ‘Third Lieutenant ’ designation, without as much as mentioning the mandatory intervening step of Second Lieutenant.)

Page 137------“For this he was promoted to first lieutenant,” (about which there is absolutely no evidentiary document, referencing participation in a January 18, 1942 Mt. Natib encounter for which Marcos claims to have been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Proven as fake. ) “Four days later...Marcos was recommended for Congressional Medal of Honor.”


[As an element of comparative verification, let me cite an extract from Special Orders No. 44, HQ, USAFFE, Manila P.I. dated 16 October 1941 (entry in Vol. III of the Historical Documents of World War II in the Philippines, compiled and edited by Dr. Celedonio A. Ancheta, New Day). It shows that the entire PMA graduating class of 1940, all carrying the rank of “3rd Lt.” promoted “to be Second Lieutenant (temporary).” The 2nd Lts----“to be First Lieutenants (temporary)”; and the 1st Lts. ---- “to be Captains (temporary)”. Marcos took up ROTC at the U.P.]

Page 139----“……..General Wainwright promoted Marcos to captain by telephone from Corregidor.” (By telephone? Really?)

Page 179----“……Major Marcos…” The very first mention of the rank, already claiming to be the head of the now debunked fictitious “Maharlika,” without any explanation about where and when he earned the rank of “Major.”

The continuing conmanship

In December 1983, responding vehemently to the Washington Post
exposé (Dec. 18): “The Marcos Mystery: Did the Philippine Leader Really Win US Medals for Valor?,” Malacanang issued an angry rejoinder. The Office of Media Affairs published a booklet titled: “Documents on the Marcos War Medals.” It turned out to be a sick and sorry rebuttal that simply boomeranged, confirming the findings of the WaPo. The annexes provided, expecting to prove authenticity of fake medals, were all “sworn” affidavits executed after the war, with not a single piece of credible after-the-fact / of-the-moment document, as military procedure exacts. Among these “affidavits” are to be found indirect reference to Marcos upon which AFP/Department of National Defense holds on stupidly to the anomaly that he was a “Major.”

The last sentence of his autobiography, (reprinted many more times as “Marcos of the Philippines,” at taxpayers’ expense) on page 139, Chapter 7 reads: “Had the papers not been lost in the last days of Bataan, Marcos would have been the only Filipino army officer to win the United States’ highest valor award in the Bataan campaign.”

Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani means--Here lies Marcos…..still a conman!

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