Alleged expert warns Filipino FB users could end up communicating only through memes

By Alan Robles

Posted at Mar 04 2015 03:51 PM | Updated as of Mar 05 2015 03:06 AM

Filipino Facebook users are losing the ability to write coherently and could wind up using only memes to communicate.

This was the warning given by so-called expert Miguel Trolldan, who claimed his research shows that "if we're not careful, Filipinos will end up substituting memes for thinking."

He noted how memes -- poster-like graphics with a few words attached -- are becoming wildly popular "because meme generators make it easy for anyone and everyone to slap together a picture and a few letters and then post it as a comment."

He pointed out that, "not only are they using memes to comment, very often the memes themselves have no relation to the post the Filipino is commenting on - in short, they are idiotic."

The so-called expert said he issued the warning based on results of his study, which he conducted "when I noticed more and more memes appearing as FB comments."

Trolldan described how he conducted his study. "I drew up some questions related to the topic, I identified a random group of FB commenters to approach and then I made contact with them."
He narrated what happened.

"First, I asked one of them, 'do you agree that more and more Filipinos are just using memes to comment on FB posts?'

"And this is the reply I got":

"So I went straight from there to another commenter to ask: 'what he thought of the general quality of Filipino commenters on FB?'

"He gave this answer:"

"Then I approached another commenter with this question: 'Why does it seem Filipino FB users give comments that seem to indicate they don't read the post they're commenting on at all?'

"And this was the response:"

"With that insight I asked someone else: 'Do you believe that Filipinos don't read FB posts, and just upload whatever corny memes they happen to have?'

"I received this answer:"

"I decided to try my luck elsewhere and shot another commenter this query: 'What do you think of studies that suggest Filipino FB commenters do not read the posts they comment on?'

"I got this reaction:"

"I decided to seek the opinion of one more sample respondent but I could sense the atmosphere was getting uncomfortable because I received this comment:"

Trolldan identified himself as CEO, sole employee and total sales force of Repeated Failures Unlimited, which he called an "expert group." He declined to specify what it was an expert on; asked where he got his credentials, he said that "on the Internet, everyone can be an expert." Asked what the point of his study was, and what his advice was to readers of the study, he replied:


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