OPINION: Safety and security

Tin Bartolome

Posted at Mar 03 2017 01:24 PM

Our Constitution’s Bill of Rights protects us from warrantless searches and seizures—but not from violence within our homes, perpetrated by loved ones and others we look up to. Laws protecting women and children against domestic violence have already been passed. Indeed, times have changed and we now hear from many victims. But more insidious than physical violence is the kind that destroys the person’s spirit.

Aside from physical abuse, there is verbal or non-verbal abuse- which includes psychological, mental or emotional and there is economic or financial abuse as well. And yes, there is such a thing as spiritual abuse. No one sees telltale signs, no marks or welts on the body of the victim until the person can no longer take it.

Often, women and children are the victims, not only because they are unable to protect themselves physically, but also because of miseducation and tradition. To break off from this, the woman has to want to be liberated. This means that no one else can save her from her predicament: she has to want to step out of it before she actually can! Otherwise, depending on a savior would only mean finding a replacement for the perpetrator.

Growing old alone (as in remaining single) or separating from one’s husband are some examples of situations that make many women feel bad because of traditional views or social pressure. This is slowly disappearing, although it’s sad that as women become more independent, their families have also been changing. 

My own experience has shown me that going against tradition is swimming against the current—and if it is not to spawn or bear fruit, it is not really worth the effort. Tradition is rarely taken in context. Certain practices are developed and later institutionalized to cope with specific situations.

I say that it is worthless because I honor the reasons for the institutionalization of such practices. However, if they no longer apply, then I stand a good chance of making change happen. So, on a personal level, what I’m saying is that what the heart says is key—and that not all logical choices are beneficial.

As regards the Bill of Rights, I do not see any changes that warrant the curtailment of the the right to be safe against warrantless searches and seizures as well as the right to life. And I really do not understand how high-profile people—including politicians and lawmakers—do not seem to think before they speak!

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