As TV Patrol turns 27

by Andrew Jonathan Bagaoisan

Posted at Mar 04 2014 12:36 AM | Updated as of Mar 04 2014 08:36 AM

TV Patrol's logos from 1987 to 2014

For most Filipinos, it is TV Patrol that has been their window to recent history for the longest time.

It has chronicled the ups and downs of the Fifth Republic, some of them coinciding with its own. Its headlines have shown scandals in the halls of power and brawls in obscure barangay corners. And its subjects have ranged from the ordinary to the influential.

The past 12 months were no exception to big news.

TV Patrol’s crews, reporters, and anchors took their cameras to the farthest and the worst, to the best and the most awe-striking. They were at the fringes of two border disputes and at the crossfire of a downtown skirmish. They uncovered schemes of greed and deceit and covered the outrage that followed.

They saw white smoke signal change in a centuries’ old institution, welcomed another countryman to the pantheon of saints, and celebrated the victories of other Pinoys in the global community.

They braved an earthquake, monsoons, and typhoons, including the deadliest where some of them barely escaped with their lives. And they carried the worldwide call for help and helped bring it there.

If 2013 was any indication, it’s that there are always new experiences for an old-timer, especially in news.

Twenty-seven hardly looks like a milestone, unlike 10, 25, or 30. But for the relatively young babies of post-EDSA television, TV Patrol is among the older brothers. Above it, only four TV shows (another newscast, a travelogue, a variety show, and a public service program) have been around longer.

The TV Patrol of 2014 has come a long way from its birth on March 2, 1987. What started with one is now 18 local TV Patrol versions that inform Filipinos about events and issues closer to home. Its first production assistants and reporters now lead the ABS-CBN News division. It has collected Star Awards, reached the hall of fame at the Catholic Mass Media Awards, landed as a finalist in the New York Festivals, and snagged a medal at the International Emmys.

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