OPINION: I agree, 100 percent

Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Feb 24 2017 02:15 AM

The Palace explained that EDSA rites henceforth shall be modest, and the theme will be "People Power: Moving on." I agree 100 percent. 

The reason is that I opposed, right at the start, the public government celebration of a private act of courage and conviction—albeit it on a mass scale—staged against government. Each of the people who went to EDSA expected to stand there alone against government. 

I wanted instead a gigantic cathedral, like near 100-year old Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, still unfinished, that would take as long to complete out of private contributions as it took the Filipino people to wake up from their mental and moral lethargy and destroy the dictatorship. (Remember US Senator Mike Mansfield's apt description of them during Martial Law, "40 million cowards and one son of a bitch.") 

Never leave to the future, I said, the safekeeping of the memory of what the past achieved. Generations come and go, with progressively diminishing capacity.

The EDSA Revolution is best commemorated—and the event celebrated—in the heart. That is the only imperishable location for a fitting commemoration. 

In the event, I was proved right. 

The first EDSA celebration was attended, more by the losers at EDSA seeking reconciliation, than the vastly larger winners thereat who were resting on their laurels at home after a job perilously and well done. 

EDSA should be commemorated quietly, like Passover, after which it was modeled because Cory echoed Moses—

when she told Pharaoh, 
“Let my people go.” 

I also agree that the theme should be, "EDSA moving on." This to ensure by preemptive criticism and vigorous opposition that another EDSA will not be needed again. 

Moving on cannot mean forgetting. You cannot move on if you do not know where you came from, so you know where you are headed. That is not moving on. That is just wandering in the desert, after worshipping a calf made of gold. In short, the celebration of EDSA by its devotees must go underground

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