OPINION: Alternative fact: Andanar and the 'Troll-etariat' 1

OPINION: Alternative fact: Andanar and the 'Troll-etariat'

Buddy Gomez

Posted at Feb 24 2017 02:51 AM

Unprofessional. Irresponsible. Stupid. 

How else does one characterize Malacanang’s inability to handle the truth? Truth, in the specific instance of the sensational revelation, as provided by a repentant criminal confessing against his personal physical interest, recanting a previous statement under oath.
Retired policeman Arturo Lascanas confidently, positively and unequivocally identified President Rodrigo Duterte, then Mayor of Davao City, as the mastermind and chief executioner: ‘capo di tutti capi’ of the dreaded gory bloody murderous Davao Death Squad, his personal assassination machine!

A spiritually contrite promise Lascanas made to his God he has now fulfilled, with an expressed readiness to face recompense, retribution and punishment, whatever!

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar mindlessly railed at the mainstream media present in the press conference (Monday, Feb. 20) during which Lascanas delivered his public confession and contrition. Andanar immediately accused the reporters as having been each bribed with a “$1,000.00” attendance fee for covering the event. What knucklehead reaction! Andanar will never ever be able to live down this panicky imbecility! He knows only damn too well that he was lying.

Contrary to ‘toilet humorman,’ comedian and Senator Tito Sotto’s comment that Andanar’s ‘$1000.00’ reaction was a response to a proffered “bum steer” (na kuryente, in local slang…..’electrocuted with false info’), there could never be any other author and source of this grand stupidity than Andanar himself! Otherwise, he ought to name the culprit or go after him publicly for causing him such colossal embarrassment, personally and officially. I can surmise that Lascanas was such a discombobulating surprise Andanar started firing from his holstered pistol with his unbuckled pants down at his knees! In other words, clumsy and disoriented! 

Having served the Office of the President in the same capacity as Andanar quite a long time ago, it would be uncouth and unsporting of me to publicly criticize a fellow press secretary for an honest error of judgement. I am, however, unable to ignore a transgression that dishonors a position and rank in government that I and perhaps all other press secretaries have served with honor and integrity.

Not to be outdone, shamelessly strengthening his credentials as a Duterte suck-up toady, Senator Richard Gordon, without offering a shred of evidence, quite Andanar-like, accused Lascanas as having been bribed for his public confession and recantation of a previous statement during an earlier appearance before a Senate probe.  

Senator Gordon has the manly obligation to name names and proceed forthwith with corresponding legal action, failing which he only reinforces his reputation as a suck-up toady! Why Dick Gordon is so beholden to a madman is perplexing and I really wish to be kind. With Gordon, now, I am unable!

Tyranny of the ‘Dutetard Troll-etariat’

Just as soon as the Lascanas news, of course, all rightfully unwelcome revelations against the President, dominated the tri-media outlets nationwide, out came in forceful surge the ‘Dutertard’ keyboard army. Purchased and primed! There ensued an unprecedented volume of vociferous defense/offense onslaught in social media, oftentimes employing violent language, defending Duterte as well as attacking any and all who oppose and criticize their criminal lord and master. 

Speaking of mercenary social media, reports continue to be rife that from an original two pre-election Duterte-dedicated call centers, these nefarious handlers of Malacanang disinformation have now been augmented to five brigades! Five call centers exclusively dedicated for the glorification of a madman! Such cheek! 

The other week, the principals of this propaganda cabal even had the effrontery to publicize a dine-in event with their ‘capo’ right in Malacanang. They posed for ‘selfies,’ with the President enjoying the display of adulation, obviously crowing over Presidential pampering. 

Soon thereafter, this event was followed by an announcement from Secretary Andanar’s office that these sources and purveyors of disinformation will be given official recognition, even credentialed, like professional journalists, to attend Malacanang press conferences as well as events deserving of media coverage.

We are all aware that the first Duterte-crafted budget for his office showed unprecedented, humongous increase. Would you believe more than eight-fold? The budgetary allocations for the Office of the President jumped from a mere P2.8 billion(President Aquino’s last) to P20.3 billion, Duterte’s first.

Those figures alone represent stark evidence of a compliant, consenting, complicit Congress, unquestioningly forsaking their constitutional mandate of ‘checks and balances’ independence. Congress is doubtless now in the hip-pocket of the President, catering to his strange and unhinged predilections. Inevitably, one has to ask: What is in that budget that is understood by the representatives of the people to be a source of Presidential quid pro quo political largesse? By the way, this particular source--the budget for the Office of the President--is apart from budgeted ‘pork.’

Because operations and maintenance of the Dutertard call centers fall under the supervision of the Office of the President, through the Communications Secretary, its funding is sourced from nowhere else but the eight-fold increase in the President’s now Congress-authorized spending money! 

Therefore, it is the Office of the President that feeds the citizenry with concerted disinformation. Duterte’s cyber zealots, the Troll-etariat, foment hate, spread lies, and promote disinformation using the people’s taxpayers’ money. What a sordid affair!

The bottom line is that without the people’s knowledge and consent, they are being dumbed down by their own President.       

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