OPINION: Bangsamoro future


Posted at Feb 12 2019 12:56 AM

The Bangsamoro as we know it now is fueled by the energy and the strength of the youth. It was our youths who actively campaigned—online and offline, feet on the ground going house to house and community to community for the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL).

The participation of our young ones in this plebiscite process was awesome to behold. They stomped the campaign grounds all the way to the day of the Jan. 21 and Feb. 6 legs of the plebiscite. These young Moros showed us just how you show the courage of your convictions. They walked their talk. Our youths spoke of what they wanted, openly and well. 

These young Moros stayed at the precincts from the opening of voting to the time the precincts closed. They were present at the canvassing, some of them even sleeping outside the vote-counting areas until the results were proclaimed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec). These youths have shown us their resilience and determination to build peace. Their energy to dream and to focus on making real what they aspire to create is infectious—and we would do well to match that energy and that dedication to working for the homeland we want to create.

These young Moros had studied the issues surrounding the BOL, reviewed our narrative, and made their choice: They chose peace—and they are working to make that so, beginning with campaigning for the ratification of the BOL, and continuing with guarding the votes cast. They are telling us, with their actions, that they are in this process for the long haul.

They say that the youth are our future. Let me tweak that saying for precision: Our youth are the citizens who are building our future, step by step, with sweat equity and with participation in their governance here in the Bangsamoro. 

The Moro youth is stepping up and taking their rightful place as part of the engine of change for peace and progress here in our part of the Philippines. We welcome all of these young ones, and those who will join them in our communities. 

Majority of the voters in the Bangsamoro region are young: More than 50 percent of the electorate here who cast their ballots in the plebiscite were youths. We have won more than just the ratification of the BOL and the expansion of the territory of the Bangsamoro with the conclusion of the plebiscite. We have won the opportunity for our youths to dream, and the sure knowledge that they can work to turn those dreams into the reality they have helped to craft.

Everyone who contributed to building the Philippines as a nation did so as a young man or woman—almost all of this country’s heroes were young. It is no different now, in Mindanao, among the Bangsamoro’s youths. It is the young who have the stamina, verve and clear vision of what the future can hold for all of us. Their hands are steady, their minds sharp, their hearts are beating in the right place.

The future of the Bangsamoro is bright indeed, thanks to the light cast upon it by our youths, the future of our nation and our homeland. We move into tomorrow’s peace and promise alongside them knowing we are all in this together and glad to have them take up their rightful places with us.

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