OPINION: Aguirre’s karma

Harvey S. Keh

Posted at Feb 10 2017 10:51 PM

What goes around comes around.
This is what is happening now to Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre as he is suddenly thrust in the eye of the storm for several scandals that are hounding the present administration. 

Firstly, the Jack Lam bribery scandal at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) has shown his weakness as a leader as those who are directly under him such as former BI Deputy Commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles are now subject to investigation after admitting that they received P50 million in alleged bribe money from former police officer Wally Sombero, Lam’s middleman. 

Both Argosino and Robles are denying the charges but based on the pieces of evidence presented against them, including CCTV footage showing them with the bags of money, it seems as clear as day that they are part of the main actors of this crime.
Letting the big fish get away
Making things worse is Aguirre’s own admission that the BI failed to prevent Sombero from leaving the country despite being put on the watch list. 

Now, both Lam and Sombero are out of the country and it is not known whether they would still be back in our country to face charges anytime soon. In yesterday’s Senate hearing on this issue, Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Senator Richard Gordon, a close ally of President Rody Duterte, even insinuated that many people are now thinking that even Aguirre may have played a role in this scandal. If Aguirre will not act decisively on this issue soon, it won’t be a surprise if the next investigations will focus on him. 
De Lima’s vindication
Another bad news for an already embattled Aguirre was the leak of a confidential memo issued by the Bureau of Corrections (BoC) pointing to no less than Aguirre as the person who instructed the officers of the AFP Custodial and Detention Center to grant special privileges to the convicted criminals that would testify against Senator Leila De Lima. 

According to the memo, the high-profile inmates which took part in the demolition job against De Lima have continued to live lavish lifestyles inside the center and this includes having the privilege to use electronic gadgets, internet, cellular phones smart televisions and air-conditioning units. 

Given this special arrangement with Aguirre and the DoJ, it is no wonder why these inmates would be more than willing to invent stories just to pin down De Lima, who is one of the staunchest critics of the present administration.
With this new information, one would now have to seriously rethink whether or not all the accusations against De Lima are true. It wasn’t a long time ago when Aguirre himself paraded these criminals to the public saying that they would be able to pin down De Lima.
Now, suddenly the tables are turned against Aguirre, who is now grasping at straws as he tries to explain to the Filipino people his and his people’s misdeeds.
As the saying goes, karma is a bitch and unfortunately for Aguirre, he is at the wrong end of it.

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Harvey S. Keh is the Executive Director of the Acts of Hope for the Nation (AHON) Foundation . 

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