Just how many oplans are there?

Hot Manila - By Alan Robles

Posted at Feb 05 2015 05:06 PM | Updated as of Feb 06 2015 01:06 AM

"Wolverine", "Exodus", "Terminator." All these operation plan names swirling around the Mindanao crisis are confusing. Which is which? Just how many oplans are there anyway? Thanks to our tireless research, we are now able to present all the plans we've been able to identify so far.

Oplan Terminator - the failed 2014 attempt to neutralize international terrorists located in Mindanao

Oplan Wolverine - the project to neutralize the same terrorists this January

Oplan Exodus - the attempt to rescue the men who conducted Oplan Wolverine

Oplan No Show - the President's undertaking vis-à -vis Villamor Air Base

Oplan Mitsuvisit - the President's alternative to Villamor Air Base

Oplan Mitsubwisit - propaganda strategy of president's haters

Oplan So What - Government's media initiative for dealing with growing voices of anger

Oplan Uh-Oh - Government's reassessment of "Oplan So What"

Oplan Cricket Noises - Government plan for replying to probing questions and criticism

Oplan Buhol - government effort to explain the chain of command

Oplan Let A Hundred Committees Bloom - Government's effort to investigate what happened in Mamasapano

Oplan BayadKo - a plan to overthrow the government put together by political leftovers, losers and wannabes who seriously believe they have the people behind them and keep wondering why nobody turns up at the People Power monument

Oplan Soldiers! Rise and March! - Manila media's program to solve the Mindanao problem. When mentioning this plan, person should be screaming at the top of his voice, taking care not to drip drool and spittle on the computer keyboard

Oplan Counterstrike - the PNP's top secret contingency retaliatory strategy for bringing the fight to the opponent - the AFP

Oplan Look Who's Talking - AFP's defense protocol for dealing with all-out attacks from the PNP

Oplan Ako Pogi
- all the plans of all the country's politicians

Oplan Oportunista
-all the plans of all the country's political spin doctors and flacks

Oplan Hooligan - strategy of the left to fight for the people by attacking the government and expressing love for the PNP, who the Left itself hates and attacks, but such is politics

Oplan Damasos y Mitsubishops - the usual cleric plot against the indios to restore power to the frailes and bring back the garrote

Oplan Laging Handa
- sinister destab plot using the Boy Scouts
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