The Vhong Navarro case: Incisive questions vastly expanded 1

The Vhong Navarro case: Incisive questions vastly expanded

By Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Jan 30 2014 08:42 PM | Updated as of Jan 31 2014 06:10 AM

I came upon the Vhong Navarro case purely by chance; so I have no biases. Passing by Bruno’s barbershop at Power Plant, I saw that the barbers, manicurists, masseurs and clients were riveted to the TV set. Boy Abunda was interviewing what I thought was a panda until a manicurist explained that it was Vhong. This drew a blank look from me, which annoyed her. She expected me to know his name on the instant. So I rushed to Twitter to get the lowdown. Others turned to mainstream media but I like to get my facts straight.

From the slew of allegations and rumors swirling around this case, the only indubitable facts are Vhong’s pair of black eyes though I understand he will soon erase that piece of proof with plastic surgery. The other fact is that when a person allegedly detained is brought by the person who allegedly detained him to a police station, it is not illegal detention but at best a mistaken citizen’s arrest with, maybe, the use of excessive force.

Indeed to the slew of allegations and rumors allow me to pose a few insightful questions.

(1) Why was Vhong’s first date with Deniece in her apartment--and at 10:45 p.m.? The first date, mind you. Most of us don’t get to peck a date’s cheek at the door of the building after the tenth date, if we are not dropped after the first. No one should be that lucky.

(2) Why did Vhong come back, and I stress the word ‘come’, for seconds at 10:45 pm again? Why always in the dead of night? Is one of them undead or insomniac?

(3) What did she serve him in the first date that he had come again at the same late hour? It wasn’t food because the second time he brought the kakanin; though he turned out to be the main course.

(4) Was Cedric and his large company in the apartment before, after or all the time of the alleged rape was taking place? Note that under a new special law, introduced by a female chauvinist and blindly approved by a clueless Congress largely of men that may well have included myself, touching a woman after she says No is rape. The stages of rape in the Spanish Penal Code have been superseded.

(6) Did Deniece put on or did she glue on the short shorts that Vhong could not pull down? If she glued it on, how was she able to change into a skirt later on without having to rip her shorts off which was stuck to her like duct tape without deforesting herself, leaving her skin looking like that of a plucked chicken?

(7) The Philippine Daily Inquirer said, and I quote “he lay her down on a chair”—a chair! How small is this woman that she can sprawl on a chair? Subsequent photos of her, as a young contestant and as a model today, that were posted on the Internet to discredit her--though I can’t imagine how it does--show her not only as beautiful but reveal her to be a beautiful if also generously proportioned woman. She is not a wraith but a European-sized woman.

(8) Did something happen below Vhong’s belt that was not in Vhong’s plan for the evening? What? And will IT work again? Or this is finito to his late-night dining, so to speak? This goes to the gravity of the offense.

(9) How is Cedric Lee related to David Bunevacz if at all? And why doesn’t NBI pursue the latter’s complaint against Lee? Bought?

(10) Is Cedric a special NBI agent? Didn’t they get rid of special agents after Michael Aquino?

(11) Who owns the unit? And how long has it been occupied by Deniece? Some say months, others just days; that it is owned by someone abroad and she is only leasing it. And by the way, who is she “de niece” of? Does the photo she keeps show an uncle or another Vhong?

(12) Who occupied the condo unit before her or is she time-sharing?

(13) Where is the logbook that has the names of all her visitors in the past six months. Does each one come at a particular time or anytime at all?

(14) When Cedric turned Vhong in to the police to be blottered, he returned a wallet and other personal items including a packet of Viagra. Now, to take along one Viagra pill on a date is alright. It is like taking along a Genset in case of power failure or fluctuations. But to take along a whole packet of Viagra is like towing a power barge to a date. I mean, how long did he expect to be in the condo? Three days? I have a friend who can get Viagra good for 24 or 72 hours but expect extreme sensitivity of the affected part.

(15) The CCTV video shows first Vhong coming into the lobby and a short time later Deniece leaving the lobby to go out of the building; followed by Cedric, his sister and a couple of gym instructors coming into the lobby and stepping into an elevator. Question: Was Vhong expecting a ménage a duo? It appears he got a ménage a mob instead. They were packed like muscular sardines in that elevator and Cedric was grinding a fist into the palm of his other hand like he had something in mind.

(16) Was there enough time for a rape even a frustrated attempt at one? Well, if the door opens and you are holding a bag of takeout and see Deniece in short shorts, it is not unlikely that you will drop the kakanin you brought along; drop your trousers; and get rebuffed. All under two minutes.

(17) Assuming that Deniece performed oral sex on Vhong, that does not authorize a further adventure on his part with regard to the rest of her orifices. On top of which, we have only his word that she did it. For that, we need her DNA on his genitals from when he swabbed the inside of her cheeks with them. If he still has the DNA, he hasn’t washed for some time.

And finally, why must there be an “h” in Vhong’s name? Just like the weird names of other celebrities are contractions of two names--like Rhodora from Rhonda and Dora the Mexican cartoon character?

I am not done yet with my questions but for now, I strongly suggest running with these leads. They will get the investigation going in the right direction fast, and meanwhile, more incisive and illuminating questions will occur to me that I will gladly share with the world at large.

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