OPINION: Bank directorship

Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Jan 24 2017 12:31 AM | Updated as of Jan 24 2017 01:50 AM

KOREAN businessman Ick-joo Jee—whose name shall forever bring shame to all Filipinos, was arrested by the Philippine National Police. 

This had nothing to do with, nor was it unique to, Operation Tokhang. False arrests are PNP S.O.P. 

He was taken to Camp Crame and strangled inside an office there. His cadaver was taken to a funeral parlor run by a retired PNP. It was cremated and his ashes dump in a toilet, like the shit the PNP is. His golf bag was left behind as payment for services rendered.

Then the PNP demanded P5 million from his widow who dutifully paid for it over four months, scrounging for the money wherever she could, until she despaired of ever being shown proof of her husband’s life, and reported it to the NBI whose chief is the most honest and dedicated official to fill that post. 

The NBI arrested the PNP officers involved. The PNP demanded the custody of its own kind and took the malefactors from the NBI. One of them is called Isabel. Wo! The transgender issue right there. 

In 1992, the PNP began the longest stretch of kidnapping and bank robbery in history. I was a bank director. It was S.O.P. for PNP to barge into branches and shoot the security guard who was armed with just an old shotgun. 

The board of directors disarmed the guards. Effectively sending the signal that we are now an ATM machine with a 3-letter password: P-N-P. When FVR inaugurated a bank branch at one end of a street in Legaspi Village, the PNP robbed another bank branch at the other end. My editorial writer, Jarius Bondoc, asked, “FVR was the lookout?” That’s journalistic guts. 

The reaction today is to blame the—okay, rather brutal—anti-drug campaign and demand the resignation of Bato. 

This is the coward’s way of dealing with an awful situation. It hits two birds with one hard packet of shabu: the anti-drug campaign targeting pushers, though not always accurately thereby killing a 5-year old girl. (No restitution so far, manong.) And Duterte, who two New Yorkers want to replace with one of their own after losing the last election. Perhaps one of the two can finally get what she had the temerity to ask for: the bank directorship she was denied under previous administrations. Remove Bato and the public outrage will subside and the PNP will get away with it again.

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