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Posted at Jan 18 2018 04:06 PM

Transitions mean changes. Sometimes minor ones, sometimes complete overhaul. Whether we await them with dread or eagerness, often, there is no way of escaping them. After all, transitions help us cope with changes—inevitable or not.

A little over a week before Christmas, my help of more than four years asked if she could take a week off to pay her last respects to her grandmother who just passed. Of course, I said yes, even if I knew she was such a big help in cleaning up after long hours of baking and packing those sinful little goodies! I was even more stressed when I found out that she was to leave her hometown—a good 12 to 14-hour bus ride from Metro Manila—on the same night we leave for Sagada, also a 12-hour bus ride from home.

This is the second time we celebrated Christmas in Sagada. I knew that each time we went, we would be with different people, but because I had accepted that some of them would be wooly worms, I was confident that Christmas would be enjoyable, as always. The wind was cold but no showers or rains fell. The sun shone bright and allowed us a little adventure.

After catching up on sleep, we went to Banga-an to help pick ripe Arabica berries in Manang Felipa’s farm. Hesitant at first, I was assured that reaching the place was not going to be death-defying. I asked how it compared to the trek towards the bakery, which had me panting half-way up the footpath. I made the mistake of asking the 14-year-old farmhand, who led us up a steep, narrow path that was supposed to be a shortcut back to where we stayed!

Still reeling from the holiday frenzy, I caught a really bad cold and the virus that causes it seemed to have taken residence in my respiratory tract already! My voice has not returned to normal, hearing in one ear is still impaired, nose still runny and sneezes still come in threes. In this condition, I will be attending the first session of my last 3-unit class of this semester (which requires 30 hours of counseling) and hopefully graduate in May.

I have just described transitions happening in my life not one after the other, but almost at the same time. I realized that stressing over them is useless. So is avoiding them or even denying that they will happen. Just like unpleasant tasting medicine, the sooner it goes down the throat, the faster we feel better.

So, some of these changes come with the choices I made, others are simply inevitable. I have also made a few commitments, some I can take back, others I cannot. As always, there are decisions—choices to be made and of course, transitions to go through. For now, I choose to be positive. I choose to look forward with hope, being careful about what to embrace and what to put away. After all, transitions happen when we allow them to!

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