[OPINION] When Harry met sully 1

[OPINION] When Harry met sully

Dean dela Paz

Posted at Jan 14 2023 07:59 AM

By the time this piece is published, the book “Spare” by Harry, the Duke of Sussex, the second son of King Charles III, and the younger brother of William, the Prince of Wales, the next in line to the British throne would have come out.

Because William has a son, nine-year old George, the Prince of Cambridge, Harry is farther removed from the succession line should young Prince George eventually take the throne and later himself bear children. The nomenclature and book title “Spare” applied to Harry remains valid only as he was an heir to the throne at the time William was still then single and had not yet borne a child. 

Today, as it refers to his position in the royal succession line, the term is outdated and irrelevant, an anachronism that however remains profoundly descriptive in many other ways from the perspective of the memoir’s troubled author. This has become increasingly evident in recent years, starting from minor inconveniences and gaffes in form and protocol during the run-up to Harry’s wedding to American television actress Meghan Markle, a divorcée, to the thermonuclear war now raging between Harry and Meghan, and the British Royalty.

In their youth, the full rhythmic term “an heir and a spare” was applicable to the brothers William and Harry respectively, the sons of the late Princess Diana, once the future Queen. The separation of Charles from Diana, even his eventual marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles, a non-royal divorcée, and Camilla’s later title of Queen Consort and stepmother to both William and Harry likewise do not affect the succession line.

From whatever perspective we sketch this multi-dimensional dynastic diagram, including the crisscrossing dotted lines drawn in bold and bloody red strokes, the likelihood of Harry ever ascending to the throne is remote and is akin to the likelihood of a coronation for Prince Andrew, Charles III’s eldest sibling and friend of the late American financial whizz kid Jeffrey Epstein.

In the case of Harry, to say that reputations on both sides have been seriously sullied is an understatement. The word ‘’sully’’ means “’to defile’’. Its synonyms are soil, stain, disgrace, and dishonor. While the British Royalty has not been spared such ignominy and scandal in the past, in recent history the assault against them, specifically the multimedia attack against reigning monarchs, against the late Queen Elizabeth II and His Majesty Charles III, even the innuendos against the Prince of Wales, has not been as direct and as insidiously instigated in what appears as a calculated million dollar smear job.

Analyze those in the crosshairs. Curiously, the targets comprise three successive monarchies, past, present, and future, where the fiery volley is launched from personages not only outside the succession line, but now far-outside the territorial realm.

Harry and Meghan are however crying all the way to the bank given their apparent theme is that both are victims of the British Royalty’s alleged bigotry and racial machinations.

What started as an understandable assault on tabloid media has now shifted disingenuously and quite ironically to employing tabloid media against the British Crown. Throughout, there is the elephant in the room – the millions earned from celebrity status, intimate interviews, unprecedented tell-all book sales and silver screen serials and documentaries. Despite shunning the limelight cast on all royalty, Harry, and Meghan’s dramatic adventure-filled flight from the British realm to its former colonies and territories, their demonization of tabloid journalism and the hordes of paparazzi, indeed both have been monetizing their inconveniences in Hollywood fashion.

The sociology of latent woke and cancel culture in the United States and specifically Hollywood has provided Harry and Meghan a convenient monetarily viable albeit kitschy petri dish. At first, both tried to commercialize and capitalize on their ironically spurned royalty by branding themselves and coming up with themed perfumery and other lifestyle products. Now, they discovered the power of Hollywood.

Pandering to woke and cancel culture, in the first three episodes of the Netflix “Harry and Meghan” docuseries, note the convenient allusions to the imperial plundering of indigenous people and colonies, and how their wealth, from slave labor and trade to precious gemstones have been stolen and expropriated into monarchies, monarchial lifestyles and monarchial accoutrements and trappings from crowns and scepters to fine royal jewelry.

Note how traditional and time-honored acts of respect such as bowing and curtsying protocols and the wearing of subdued and conservative attire were likewise unceremoniously exaggerated, mocked, and ridiculed. From the third to the final episode, note how sinister motivations were then ascribed to the Royal family ranging from racism to conceit and envy, and media manipulation. In certain instances, note how allusions to harassment, even assassination and murder were disingenuously worked into the narrative.

The Duke of Sussex has sullied his own family and has profited from it. That is the unfortunate narrative.

Disclaimer: The views in this blog are those of the blogger and do not necessarily reflect the views of ABS-CBN Corp.


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Disclaimer: The views in this blog are those of the blogger and do not necessarily reflect the views of ABS-CBN Corp.