Vox Populi preempts Binay’s Deus ex Machina

by Buddy Gomez

Posted at Nov 05 2014 08:32 PM | Updated as of Nov 06 2014 04:32 AM

He has summoned his gods, called upon Divine Providence--”sa awa ng Diyos”--even invoked the wrath of God upon those he considers his detractors. VP Binay declares: “I will continue to be a team player,” in response to President Aquino’s “you’re free to go,” a not incontrovertible hint, to which Binay has chosen to be impervious.

And yet earlier, not once but twice, Binay, in a very public manner, replete with coverage by all media, excoriated the President. And then, as Binay met with representatives of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, he dons a Boy Scout uniform.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, we recall, he was photographed in combat soldier’s camouflage fatigues. What gives? Are we witnessing the unraveling of some personality complex?

In the duration that I have been pursuing this blog engagement with abs-cbnnews.com, I have attempted to inform, to entertain, to provoke, to espouse a cherished advocacy, to share commentary on a current event, all the while in search of a continuing central/common theme with which to establish a niche in the blogosphere. It appears too early for that. I thought I could avoid politics and the usual brickbats and softballs that accompany commentary. Obviously, such is not possible.

I was not quite prepared for the outcome of a comparative review of “hits” granted by my responding readership to the article: “Is Jojo Binay fit to be President?” two weeks ago. Indeed, as a matter of public interest, Binay indeed sells! And I accept the reality. The essay “Is Jojo Binay fit to be President?” rated more than 20 times more “hits” compared to the average “hits” earned by all topics thus far tackled. There exists a validation to the prevailing trend of public attention over the Vice President. Unfortunately for the Vice President, the attention and clamor no longer favor him.

On a daily basis, I have had the opportunity to review for the better part of each waking day, (why, now I could verily pass for a professional news analyst, for want of something better to fill a retiree’s day) all legitimate Philippine InterNet/online news, commentary and blog sources; and more importantly social media responses to the foregoing.

Firstly, the volume has never been as heavy. There are instances when matters Binay earn hundreds and hundreds of responses on a per article basis. While other events also of national import remain uncommented upon. Perhaps, the Corona impeachment’s volume can approach the Binay levels. An estimate, conservatively though it might be, indicates that at least 90% of responses are not only unsupportive of Binay but outright angry that either he shamelessly clings to the perks available to his Cabinet position, (among other reported transgressions) or simply antsy and uncomfortable, in the least, at President Aquino that he does not just boot Binay out of the Cabinet.

Granted that such public opinion reactions are measurably more a reflection of the sentiments of our body politic’s A, B & C classes, to which all talking heads of radio talk-shows belong, it is nonetheless inevitable that their listenership, which is predominated by the multitude D's and E's, has been impressively reached and by such reach, the D's and E's have been endowed with acquiescence to the sentiments of the better endowed, their community elders and leaders, their employers and benefactors. After all, all of us being human, in matters of morality, sentiments of right and wrong can be expected to be uniformly in sync with one another, with a minimum of aberrant variances.

Among an array of causes celebres that Philippine history has witnessed over time, no other as controversial an issue has attracted such sustaining national attention as “L’Affair Binay the Jejomar.” Such prolonged dominance--on print, radio, tv and social media--has ensnared all demographics throughout Philippine geography. And the prognosis is truly dismal for Jojo Binay.

And for the “abangan” (to be announced) portion of our current national narrative, let us not be unmindful of the silent sleuthing work that is already at play. I speak of the NBI, BIR, SEC/PSE, AMLA, DAR, etc. If what has already surfaced is any indication at all of what is still in store for public enlightenment, we need not hold our breath because further public interest revelations are an obligation that government will have to deliver. These shall be forthcoming. And that is when the s_it will hit the ceiling fan!

This turn of events could not be unknown to the Binay camp. Notice that the “class war” scenario to which Binay would have vainly and irresponsively resorted to, as he did attempt earlier, seems to be no longer being spoken of. Obviously, there was no traction. Was it a trial balloon that went pffft in their faces?

Perhaps, it has dawned upon them that the D and E quarters have slowly but surely closed its portals to enveiglements that the earlier Binay persona, his PR managers, his lawyers and spin doctors--self-unmasked menagerie of clowning mediocrities, they--are prone to.

Could it really be out of friendship or perhaps a well-thought out subtly Machiavellian maneuver, a calculated exercise in tactical good manners that the President has not booted the Vice President out of the Cabinet? On the other hand, if Binay was waiting to be dealt with so welcomely harsh, in order for him to cry persecution spiced with a pitiable “kawawa naman ako, inaapi ako!” (pity me, I am being oppressed) ploy, it now appears that the manner by which the President has gingerly handled Binay has effectively taken away from Binay what may have been an earlier desired scripted opportunity. If that seems to have been the intent of President Aquino, then, Binay has been cornered into a position where the only move remaining is a display of “delicadeza” on his part and resign from the Cabinet. But alas, it does not seem forthcoming. He cannot render what he does not possess.

What is “delicadeza” anyway? For starters, either you have it or you do not, although there is no precise definition, it involves refinement, sensitivity and tact. Heck, that is what good manners and right conduct is all about! The absence of “delicadeza” in an individual reflects a diminished character and ultimately, the most important element of national leadership is character. So that, in response to the rhetorical question: “Is Jojo fit to be President,” that we left unanswered, the answer is NO. Yes, Binay is unfit!

The voice of the people resonates eloquently, and it will continue to echo national sentiment. Vox Populi, which by the way, as the sages say, is also the voice of God (remember Vox Dei?) has already preempted and will predominate whatever Deus ex Machina the Binay menagerie of mediocrities can ever conjure. After all, there is really no ‘Deus’ in it at all. It is a man-made theatrical device, a tool of fiction, a stage play gimmickry in search of a happy ending. That search is now in vain.

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