Responsible Horniness 1

Responsible Horniness

by Mocha Uson

Posted at Apr 03 2012 03:57 PM | Updated as of Apr 04 2012 12:08 AM

(Editor's note: Mocha Uson is a performing artist who also gives advice on sex-related issues through her blogs. She used to have a monthly photo blog in Maxim Philippines.)

BASTOS DAW is my favorite song of ANDREW E. He’s a rap icon and he’s one of my idols in the music industry. I really like his open-minded and hilarious style of rapping.  His critics accuse him of being “bastos” or indecent because of his songs/lyrics.

But Andrew E. was right by saying, “my songs are dirty if you have a dirty mind”. In my own translation- walang bastos sa bukas na kaisipan.

In our present Entertainment Industry,  I am considered as the most “BASTOS” performer.

The Mocha Girls and I have been banned in several occasions. We were scheduled to perform in an alumni homecoming for an all-boys school. The priests reprimanded the alumni batch organizers because they said we were insinuating sex.  And so they canceled the Mocha Girls. 

Instead, they invited “sexy stars” in their skimpy outfits to perform mediocre dance numbers. Hypocrisy don’t you think?

In another instance, one entertainment venue in Ortigas, with the same concept of Metrowalk and Bluewave banned us after performing for a radio tour/show. The owners said we were “TOO BASTOS”. They claimed to be “Born Again” christians and said they can’t tolerate such “worldly” performance. It’s a nightlife & entertainment place for crying out loud! It’s not a church! You’re selling booze! People drink and get drunk! Don’t you think that’s “worldly”? Now that’s ultimate hypocrisy!

I maybe the “horniest performer” out there but I am WHOLESOME. What is “wholesome” anyway? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

  1. promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit
  2. promoting health of body
  3. sound in body, mind, or morals
  4. clean

I am promoting health and well-being. I have morals! I may be horny but I have rules and principles. I am Pro-RH (Responsible Horniness):

  1. Never mess with guys/girls who are not single (unless their partners are willing to share)
  2. Always use protection. Great safe sex is the best!
  3. For my young followers, stay virgin as long as you can. Nothing wrong with being a “solo” artist. Practice makes perfect.

Sad to say, we live in a world full of hypocrites.


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