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Happy with getting one discount? Here’s how to stack up more and more savings

Aneth Ng-Lim

Posted at Nov 14 2022 03:43 PM

If you knew what’s good for your wallet, you should have filled your online shopping carts and held off check out until 11.11 – now one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sale events around the world.

The great thing about 11.11 online shopping was you could already see how much lower the prices for the items would be (at least this was the case in Lazada), if you would just wait for the big day. And that’s exactly what I did.

My shopping carts (yes, carts in plural because they were from different shopping sites) have been filling up with things I need plus things I want for several weeks – and we were all waiting for November 11. And it wasn’t just because the prices will be lower due to discounts from retailers. Thanks to credit card companies, electronic wallet apps, shopping apps, and rebate apps, my savings piled up while my totals kept shrinking.

11.11 may be gone and done, but tomorrow is payday and another sale day. Then there’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 12.12 and 12.15, so I am sharing these tips on how to stack up vouchers that can help you save as you shop.

#1 Collect free shipping vouchers

Nearly all online retailers offer free shipping. The trick is to find out how much you need to spend before you can get it. And on certain dates like 11.11, some even waive the minimum so you can check out even with just one item and not pay for delivery. For apps like Lazada though, you need to manually collect vouchers before you check out. And you really have to look for the offer because if the applicable voucher is not in your wallet, you’ll end up paying for shipping. 

#2 Get discounts from how you pay

With SHEIN, you can pay cash on delivery, or get 10 percent off for choosing to use a credit card, or Alipay, or GCash, or GrabPay. That double-digit discount is enough for me to reach for my credit card or mobile phone and switch from paying cash. The lesson here is to always check the offers from various payment methods before you decide how to check out. During 11.11, BDO credit cards offered 15 percent off when you shop at least P3,500 in Lazada. If your shopping for less, how about using Maya which gave P200 off for purchases of at least P1,000. 

#3 Claim seller coupons

Most shoppers look for the items first and then place these in their virtual cart. Take 2 extra steps and you could end up saving much more. First, visit the store and collect store coupons for purchases, or even just for following them. Second, check if the store has other items that you need and also plan to buy. If the price is right, best to buy from one store and just pay one shipping fee, or even better, maximize your free shipping voucher. Be warned – these coupons are just low value. Sometimes as low as P5, but hey, that’s still P5 and all these savings do add up.

#4 Grab App discounts

Don’t stop with free shipping vouchers and seller coupons. Make sure to also grab all the discounts from the shopping platform. With SHEIN, they offer coupons on top of their discounted items, free shipping and the 10 percent off when you don’t pay with cash. With Lazada, you can get between P50 to P200, plus cashback offers too. iHerb is another app that I frequently use, and the store vouchers give me more savings from already on sale vitamins and other health products. Shipping can also be free when you hit P2,200 on purchases.

#5 Collect cash rebates
If your shopping carts are ready for check out, close all those apps and download Shopback first. This app partners with almost all online retailers, from Lazada to Shein to iHerb, plus Watsons, Agoda, Adidas and so many more. If you shop at the partner sites by clicking their links from Shopback, you will earn cash rebates. I’ve been using Shopback for years and have earned more than P50,000 in rebates just by making the 2 extra clicks. Last 11.11, some of the rebates were as much as 9 percent of my total. So if you add free shipping, seller discounts and coupons, credit card plus app offers, and then the rebate, that was about 40 percent off the retail price. That’s money I am happy to keep in my wallet, until the next sale comes around.


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