It’s time for “Holiday” shopping in July 1

It’s time for “Holiday” shopping in July

Aneth Ng-Lim

Posted at Jul 26 2022 02:47 PM

Sales signs are up in nearly every shopping mall, and if you know what’s good for your wallet, you would be ready to pick up the best bargains.

It’s that time of year when most stores are cleaning up their inventory. For clothing stores, they need to move last season’s items to make way for the new season collection. Appliance stores are also unveiling latest technology in many of their showcased products so expect reduced prices for older stock, or bundled items like free surround speaker with a brand new big screen TV.

Before you rush to the nearest mall, consider these tips so you actually catch real bargains, and not end up with things you don’t really need.

#1 If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

If you tell yourself you will just go and check out the biggest sale event of your favorite clothing store, let’s be honest, you have already lost the battle. To win the “Sales” war, you need to have a shopping plan. If you intend to buy clothes, start by going through your closet to see what you have, what you need, and what you want. For example, if you still have many crop tops, avoid buying those even if on sale. Do you only have 2 good pair of shoes left? Then, make that part of your bargain hunt. 

#2 Do not leave home without a list

Part of planning is to have a strategy on what you need and want to buy, and a list will help you follow it. Your list can include things for yourself, and also for others and that’s why many call mid-year shopping the best time for “Holiday” shopping. If you already know who you want to remember come December, why not start shopping in July and buy most things at half the price, or if you’re really lucky, even at 70% off? A new set of plates for Mom, handy tool set for Dad, sweaters in solid colors for your aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters – these are all items you can buy in July and will still be useful in December and beyond.

#3 Shop in your right size

I’ve fallen victim to this more than once, and have regretted it each time. That pair of shoes may be a steal at 50% off but if it’s half a size smaller or bigger, it would be a real pain to walk in them. So instead of saving 50%, you actually threw away the money you paid for the 50% price. Do not shop for clothes that do not fit you, promising you will lose weight to fit into them. If they are not your size right now, that’s not a bargain but a gamble you could lose (as I have time and again).

#4 Check out pay later schemes 

This is a new discovery for me – as I always hesitated shopping in July knowing that bonuses are paid towards the end of the year. And this is where those Buy Now Pay Later schemes are so welcome. Several credit card companies are offering pay later plans where payments start in November or December, plus you can pay the total in 3 monthly instalments at zero percent interest. If you are not carrying any unpaid balance in your credit card, this is a great deal as you can shop now, start payments just when your bonus is coming, and pay off with zero interest over 90 days. You can wait for your bonus, hold on to your cash a little longer and enjoy zero interest credit for more than 150 days!

#5 Confirm store return policy 

One more thing you need to consider when shopping during sales is the store’s return policy. Most stores do not accept returns for sale items. In this case, make sure you check the item and test to see if working before you leave the store. Some allow return or refund in a limited period, or only with the branch you bought it from. Knowing can help you make sure you are getting what you paid for, and have a fall back just in case. This way, you can also manage the expectations of the people you will gift with these items – in case they ask if the items can be returned or replaced (this happens with relations).



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