A wider beachfront provides The Lind Boracay guests a great view of the beach and the sunset.
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From this hotel’s roof deck, Boracay truly looks like the island that’s the envy of the world

With a newly expanded beachfront, there’s even more reason to book a stay in White Beach’s current crown jewel 
Rhia Diomampo Grana | Dec 01 2019

Stepping into The Lind Boracay, the five-star hotel located toward the end of White Beach’s Station 1, is like stepping into the private world of its owners, a fairly young family who values privacy, who loves to travel the world whenever there’s a chance. “They are a dynamic group. They are curious, aware, and engaged. They explore, savor new things, and sometimes even try to be daring,” says the respected architect Manny Samson, founder of Emesae Design Corporation which lent its design expertise to the island hotel, the flagship property of the Philippine-born The Lind Hotels brand. 

The roof deck offers a stunning view of Boracay beach. The "deconstructed stairs envelope" (lower right) added texture and uniqueness to the complex.

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“They always stay in trendy and stylish boutique hotels whenever they travel around the globe, and we all agreed to incorporate these as our inspiration to design The Lind Boracay,” notes Samson whose team also designed the St. Regis in Bali. Samson notes that while these two hotels are distinctly different—St. Regis is an established brand and caters to international audiences of different demographics, particularly the world’s rich and famous; The Lind Boracay targets the young, active, aspiring local guests—both were designed with equal thought and care. 

That The Lind Boracay is a hotel who knows the power of design is clear in every space in the establishment: from the wave-like shapes that dominate its balconies down to the patterns of its beddings. 

The room interiors feature colors and patterns inspired by marine life.

The colors of the hotel’s interiors revolve around the colors of nature. “The sand, the sun, and the sky—those were our canvases. We had splashes of color just enough to be fun. We integrated graphics of marine lives, like fish, corals, jellyfish and other things that you will find on the waters of the island,” shares Samson.  “We were very much aware that the star of the island is the beach and its guests, so the decorations and embellishments remained in the background. We did not project a big design statement—just a place for fun, where you will feel secure, familiar, very much like your home.”

Muted fresh tones provide a calming feel to the Presidential Suite Living Area. Unique wall accents and lighting fixtures add interest to the room.

Locally made furniture proudly punctuate the indoor and outdoor spaces of the hotel. Samson’s firm partnered with local suppliers to develop some original designs. The cabanas on the upper deck, for instance, were inspired by the “salambaw,” an old fishing gear trap, made of bamboo. They had it overscaled and ended up creating a cozy spot where guests could chill during sunset.

The chairs, tables, and lighting fixtures—all locally sourced—feature interesting patterns, weaves, shapes, geometric designs, and colors. Each nook has unique pieces, but they all fit together, making one area flow easily to the next, the indoor giving way smoothly to outdoor. 

The cabanas on the upper deck were inspired by the “salambaw,” an old fishing gear trap, made of bamboo. 

The lobby lounge is the result of an attempt to embrace spontaneity. “We kept identifying the hotel’s needs and we just kept throwing the items in there, and eventually it designed itself!” Samson reveals. The group consciously avoided over designing, preferring only to add quiet touches like the organic curvilinear wood banquette that looks sculptural. “We took the risk and said ‘let’s see what happens.’”

Not to be missed if you are at the poolside area is the “deconstructed stairs envelope” leading to the spa. The pieces of timber enclosing the stairs have no structural pattern, but this added texture and uniqueness to the complex. Samson admits it was their unsuccessful attempt to go green. “We thought we would gather sun-bleached, beach-washed, discarded timbers and would like to give them a new purpose. Little did we know, there were very little of these timber to be found along the beach.”

The Lind’s beachfront property has 119 rooms. These range from a cozy 47-square meter to a spacious 181-square meter suite; with each opening to spacious balconies with a view of the beach, the pool, or the gardens.

Amenities include a lap pool, a kiddie pool and a Jacuzzi on the ground floor, and an infinity pool that overlooks the beach from three levels high. It also has a full functioning gym, a Kid’s Club, a spa, and function rooms for events and meetings.

The five-star hotel features a rooftop infinity pool.

The hotel’s beachfront has significantly expanded after its owners acquired the adjoining property—unlike before when its beach entrance did not really represent the hotel’s expanse. 

The hotel’s general manager, Zsolt Siket, is happy to note that The Lind Boracay is becoming the destination of choice when it comes to five-star service and genuine Filipino hospitality in the island. While they have a lot of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese guests, their second biggest market are still Filipinos. 

The Lind Boracay's general manager Zsolt Siket

Four years after they launched in November 2015, The Lind’s growth has been organic. Hence, it’s fitting that after their flagship property was successfully opened and got many positive reviews, the group is planning to build two new properties: one in Coron, and the other in Siargao. Judging from how The Lind Boracay looks, those future establishments will be welcome additions to their respective destinations. After all, thanks to its design, The Lind Boracay is quite the stunner not only in its Station 1 area but the entire stretch of White Beach. Viewed from its higher rooms, or its viewing deck, Boracay looks like the destination the world envies.