Premium access to 1,000 airport lounges and exclusive privileges with Metrobank World Mastercard 2

Premium access to 1,000 airport lounges and exclusive privileges with Metrobank World Mastercard

Get premium access to 1,000 airport lounges around the globe with Metrobank World Mastercard
Partner Feature | Nov 21 2018
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If you want access to opulence anywhere in the world, you can get it with this credit card. “Mastercard Philippines is proud to stand alongside Metrobank Card as we offer the new features of the Metrobank World Mastercard,” said Rowell del Fierro, Mastercard Philippines Country Manager. 

There are premium travel perks, plush airline lounges and exclusive retail deals to be enjoyed and unlocked with the right kind of credit card that offers the right kind of access. This credit card isn’t about your regular run-of-the-mill credit card rewards. This credit card isn’t only about hassle-free travel or convenience in far-off destinations. This credit card isn’t your basic credit card for travelers. If you’re all about backpacking or couch-surfing or commuting the way the locals do, take a hike. You would probably enjoy it. Otherwise, keep reading. 

This credit card is about endless hours of shopping for the most exclusive and sought after fashion brands in exciting destinations like London, Tokyo, and Singapore. This credit card is about gastronomic adventures at fantastic dining destinations in Australia, Macau, and Hong Kong. This card is for you. This is the Metrobank World Mastercard. 

The Metrobank World Mastercard recently launched in October in the Philippines, with the specific goal of making international travel more luxurious and rewarding. Metrobank World Mastercard holders get to relax, dine and shop right at the airport. Owners of this credit card can also use the Mastercard Airport Experiences mobile app, which assists in navigating airports, granting access to over 1,000 lounges and 900 select exclusive offers in retail, dining and spas. 

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Beyond the airport, Metrobank World Mastercard holders can also avail of Mastercard Traveler Rewards, a first in Southeast Asia. Under the Metrobank Travelers Rewards program, card holders are given seamless cross border rebates at leading merchants in key destinations. Enjoy great rebates at The Parisian in Macau, Resorts World in Singapore, or at Hilton UK properties. There are great, exclusive deals to be had in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and the United States. Aside from these, Metrobank World Mastercard holders also enjoy double rewards points for all international transactions. 

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